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Vital Statistics

  • Name - Alex Borders (click for photo)
  • Birthday - May 1st
  • Season - Spring
  • Favorite Floppy Disk size - 3 1/2
  • Home - Bay Area, California [*1]
  • E-Mail address -
  • Work - currently working [*2]

    IMG=Peace in Ireland IMG=Free Speech Online IMG=First Amendment Online

    As the WWW is intruding into all our lives, I have decided to compose this eclectic web page to tell the world a little bit more about myself. As you may have observed from the above, I am somewhat unconventional, and delight in forcing people who are not in the habit of thinking to do so.

    Click here for the photo page.

    By popular demand, here is my .sig quote archive.

    I have kicked (and been kicked) around the USA and California a bit, having lived in Nampa, Idaho; College Station, Texas; Las Vegas, Nevada; Valdez, Alaska Fremont, California; Concord, California; and probably some others that I have forgotten -- if anyone recognizes my name and feels left out, please e-mail me and I will add our mutual residence to the list. (Some places I lived when I was quite small, but I'm ignoring them, as I honestly don't remember that much.) I've attended Boise State University, Texas A&M University, and University of Nevada at Las Vegas. Haven't graduated from any of them, but I went there. I did graduate from Kuna High School in Kuna, Idaho - Class of '85 (class size, 112).

    I am a founding member of the Southern Nevada Area Fantasy & Fiction Union, a founding member of Heather's Heathens, a founding sponsor of the Challenger Center, and founding editor of Swiss Cheese, was at one time a faithful member (but no longer) of Fantasy Futures, Boy Scouts of America, Cepheid Variable, NOVA, Mensa, Mercedes Lackey Fan Club, Libertarian Party of California, L-5 Society, LucasFilm Fan Club, and probably too many others to mention (I have a very short attention span). I am currently a member of East Bay Strategists, LAFA, and SNAFFU.

    IMG=A picture of Nyssa Pets
    I'm not even going to try to introduce you to our zoo. I'm keeping the picture of Nyssa, because, well, she's pretty, and I like her. Ask Shannon if you want a complete listing of our animals.

    My interests are highly varied: Science Fiction, SF fandom (the two are not the same), gaming (both role-playing and wargaming), computers, programming, game theory, history, comparative religion, filk, speculative anthropology (a fancy name for 'what would a avian species' religion by like?' and other such questions), Celtic music, non-Euclidean geometry, redheads, and endless lists (like you couldn't have guessed that on your own :-)

  • Specific examples of the above -

    Reading back over the above information, I find there is much of me that I have not revealed (although the photo helps :-) ). In fact, much of what I am cannot be adequately conveyed in this static forum - please feel free to call, write, or visit in person to learn what an amazing person I am.

    Other Web sites you should visit:

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    The Bohemian Hotel - a fantastic communal household, good friends, and the people who used host this web page (and I'm not just saying that!). Also check out the other residents and associates linked off of it.

    IMG=A picture of Heather & Phil Heather Alexander - a bard I truly respect; singer, songwriter, and storyteller with a wicked sense of humor; fun person; and owns a amazing answering machine. Check out the new band - Uffington Horse! (Yay! I'm a Heathen!)
    Here's a photo of Heather & her husband Phil

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    IMG=The Ferret Calander Ferret Central - A marvelous reference page about that most wonderful of housepets, the domesticated ferret.

    Alxxx's El Pageo! - Here's another Alex Borders! And you said the world would explode if that happened. Sorry, but apparently he graduated and no longer has a web page. But he does exist!

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    IMG=Ubersoft/HelpDesk HelpDesk - A frighteningly accurate picture of life at a technology software company. Sometimes called 'Dilbert for Customer Service' it's the only Tech Support strip I read.

    IMG=PvP PvP - Workplace comic set at a gaming magazine. Full of stereotypes. Check it out.

    Ahh, to Hades with it. Here's my vastly outdated bookmark page, and you can check out all the links yourself. Feel free to follow links from links from links from links from links . . .

    *1. Yes, I now consider myself a Californian. I will always love Las Vegas, but I have developed roots here. To those of you who miss me, sorry, but you'll have to come and visit me periodically.
    *2. I'm at Symantec.
    Brightmail got bought! And apparently I was part of the package.
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