The Photo Page IMG=Back to Home Page Here's a bunch of photos - Shannon took most of them. I just figured some of you would want to know what some of the people I think about look like. (By some standards, I have a very loose definition of people.) With no more ado, on with the show!

IMG=A picture of Alex Me. 'Nuff said. Back to the home page.

IMG=A picture of Annwn Leigh Ann, Elton, and Billie (ain't she gorgeous!) of Annwn - good band, great people.

IMG=A picture of Heather & Phil Heather Alexander and Phil Obermarck

IMG=A picture of Nyssa Nyssa is a cat that is currently living with me.

IMG=A picture of Roger Rabbit and I I went to Disneyland last year. I had fun!

IMG=A picture of Mickey and the gang Here's a photo of the whole gang of us. These two Disneyland pictures are dedicated to Neelia.

IMG=A picture of Shannon Shannon aka the photographer. A strange person and good friend.