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Title:	The Authors
Lyric:	Duane Elms,  (Copyright  11/21/83)
Tune:	Modern Major General,  (Coyright  Gilbert & Sullivan)

There's Asimov and Christopher and Silverberg and Ellison,
And Haldeman and Stapledon and McIntyre and Harrison,
And Piper, Saberhagen, Lee, and Davenport and Anderson,
And Vonnegut and Sutherland and Meredith and Matheson.
And Winterbotham, Anthony, McCaffery and Peterson,
And McIntosh and Wibberly and Yermakov and Nicholson,
And Lafferty and Bradbury and Morressy and Stephenson,
And Hamilton and Lichtenberg and Mackelworth and Henderson.

There's Clement, Cooper, Collins, Carter, Campbell, Clark and Coulson,
And Niven, Norton, Norman, Newman, Neville, North and Robeson,
And Simak, Sheckley, Sargent, Spinrad, Spencer, Starr and Logan,
And Holly, Huxley, Heinlein, Herbert, Howard, Hoyle and Hogan.

There's Ballard, Baker, Benford, Bester, Biggle, Bush and Ballinger,
And Bova, Brackett, Brunner, Burgess, Burroughs, Brown and Banister,
And Dickson, Dick, DeCamp, DelRey, Delany, Ing and Effinger,
And Forward, Farmer, Gerrald, Godwin, Griffith, Gunn and Janifer.
And Offutt, Orwell, Pangborn, Panshin, Pournelle, Priest and 
And Russell, Russ, and Roddenberry, Rossiter and Robinson,
And Sturgeon, Stuart, Sterling, Sutton, Sidomak and Donaldson,
And Turner, Tucker, Taylor, Thomas, Tiptree, Tubb and Williamson.

There's Alexander, Cameron, and Elliot and Eddison,
And E.E. Smith and G.H. Smith and G.O. Smith and Salmonson,
And Charbonneau and Davidson and Spielberg and Zelazny,
And Merrill, Merrit, Moorcock, Morgan, Lewis, Lem and Bradley.

I hope that each of those I missed will not be disappointed,
I had to stop right here before my brain became disjointed.

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