last updated August 18, 2021

    People have given us all sorts of things to sell for them, including magazines with adult content.  Playboy has been the most common, and we were very good about cataloging them here, until we started taking a box at a time to conventions and toy shows, where, surprise, they sold better than expected.  We stopped cataloging any that came in after 2017, and now we're down to about a box of Hugh Hefner's bunny manual.  We still have a wide variety of other adult publications that almost fill another box, vintage and otherwise, that we'll start taking to conventions someday as well.  Get them while you can!
    You must be 18 or older to order these -- an age statement is required.  Condition: most are about fine, unless otherwise noted.  We're not claiming these to be absolute mint collector's items, though some may qualify for fine to near mint; to us they are simply good reading copies.  Postage is not included; see ordering information.  


I = interviewed        Pic = Pictorial        P = Playmate        PoY = Playmate of the Year
    fine or better unless otherwise marked

I = interviewed        Pic = Pictorial        P = Playmate        PoY = Playmate of the Year
    fine or better unless otherwise marked

    SEPTEMBER, very good, cover wear, slight water wrinkling, centerfold loose, P: Dianne Chandler, I: Tomothy Leary, Pic: Jocelyn Lane, Topless, $2.00.

    JULY, slight cover wear, fading along spine edge, P: Nancy McNeil, I: Rod Steiger, Pic: birds of America, Tina Aumont, $2.00.
    OCTOBER, covers wear, fading along spine, small front cover corner fold, P: Jean Bell, I: Rowan & Martin, Pic: Michael Caine/Too Late the Hero, Oh! Calcutta!, $2.00.

    JULY, some cover wear, cover corner folds, centerfold loose, P: Carol Willis, I: Joan Baez, Pic: "Oh! Calcutta!" & "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, $2.00.
    NOVEMBER, very good+, cover wear, P: Avis Miller, I: Elliott Gould, $2.00.

    JULY, some back cover & spine wear, back cover corner fold, slight rip top of spine, P: Carol O'Neal, I: Anthony Herbert, $2.00.

    MAY, very slight cover wear, tip rip/fold top of cover, P: Anulka Dziubinska, I: Huey Newton, Pic: Sex & the Automobile, Barbara Leigh, $2.00.
    JUNE: small cover corner folds, P: Ruthy Ross, I: Walter Cronkite, Pic: women's work, PoY: Marilyn Cole, $2.00.
    JUNE: very good, cover wear, '13 Bill' written on back cover, CENTERFOLD MISSING, P: Ruthy Ross, I: Walter Cronkite, Pic: women's work, PoY: Marilyn Cole, $1.00.
    AUGUST: front cover wear (fingerprint smudges), P: Phyllis Coleman, I: David Halberstam, Pic: Heather Menzies, $2.00.
    SEPTEMBER: some cover wear, P: Geri Glass, Pic: "The Naked Ape," Victoria Principal, $2.00.
    OCTOBER: very good, cover folds, cover wear, P: Valerie Lane, I: Pete Rozelle, Pic: Sacheen Littlefeather, $2.00.   

    JANUARY: slight cover wear, back cover corner fold,small tear bottom of spine, P: Nancy Cameron, I: Hugh Hefner, Pic: 20 years of Playmates, $2.00.
    OCTOBER: cover corner folds, P: Hope Olson, I: Roone Arledge, Pic: Melanie Griffith, baseball cards, $2.00.
    APRIL: slight cover wear, P: Lisa Sohm, I: Gary Gilmore, Pic: Jennifer Edl, "Carte Blanche," the Girls of the South, $2.00.
    FEBRUARY: tiny stain front cover, fingerprint smudges back cover, P: Janis Schmitt, I: Don Meredith, Pic: close encounters of the fourth kind, Playmates International, $2.00.
    MARCH: covers wear, corner folds, back cover smudging, P: Christina Smith, I: General Sharon, Pic: Brooke Shields/"Pretty Baby," sex on wheels, $2.00.
    MAY: P: Kathy Morrison, I: Anita Bryant, Pic: Anita Russell, $2.00.
    NOVEMBER: slight wear, P: Monique St. Pierre, I: Geraldo Rivera, Pic: Bunnies of '78, $2.00. 
    FEBRUARY: back cover fold, P: Lee Ann Michelle, I: Neil Simon,, Pic: Ron Vogel & Lexi Vogel, $2.00.
    MARCH: slight cover wear, P: Denise McConnell, I: Ted Patrick, Pic: Denise Crosby, cheerleaders, $2.00.

    FEBRUARY: slight cover wear, P: Sandy Cagle, I: Patrick Caddell, Pic: Suzanne Somers, the Year in Sex, $2.00.
    MARCH: slight backcover wear, P: Henriette Allais, I: Terry Bradshaw, Pic: Bo Derek, Melanie Haller, "All That Jazz," $2.00.
    SEPTEMBER: P: Lisa Welch, I: Roy Scheider, Pic: Cheech & Chong, Girls of the Southwest Conference, $2.00.
    OCTOBER: P: Mardi Jacquet, I: G. Gordon Liddy, Pic: Lisa Lyon, $2.00.
    DECEMBER: slight cover wear, P: Terri Welles, I: George C. Scott, Pic: Bunny Birthday: 20th Anniversary of Playboy Clubs, Happy Birthday Femlin, Sex Stars of 1980, $2.00.
    JANUARY: slight cover wear, P: Karen Price, I: John Lennon & Yoko Ono, Pic: Barbara Bach, Flash Gordon, Playmate review, Urban Cowgirls, $3.00.
    APRIL: slight corner ding, P: Lorraine Michaels, I: Edward Asner, Pic: the Girls of Kokomo, $2.00.
    JULY: slight front cover wear, back cover corner folds, slight claw marks bottom edge, P: Heidi Sorenson, I: Robert Garwood, Pic: Jayne Kennedy, tender cousins, $2.00.   
    JANUARY: slight curve to right edge, slight cover wear, back cover fingerprint smudges, P: Lonny Chin, I: Dudley Moore, Herschel Walker, Pic: Audrey & Judy Landers, provocative period pieces, Shannon Tweed, Playboy's Playmate Review, $2.00.
    SEPTEMBER: P: Barbara Edwards, I: the Sandinistas, Randy Newman, Pic: Dorit Stevens, Girls of the Atlantic Coast Conference, $2.00.
    DECEMBER: wear bottom of back cover, P: Terry Nihen, I: Tom Selleck, Pic: Joan Collins, Sex Stars of 1983, $3.00.
    DECEMBER: P: Karen Velez, I: Paul & Linda McCartney, Pic: Suzanne Somers, Sex Stars of 1984, sweet nothings (underwear), $3.00.

    JULY: slight cover wear, P: Hope Marie Carlton, I: Rob Reiner, Jamie Lee Curtis, Pic: Grace Jones, Jo Collins, $2.00.

    FEBRUARY: P: Julie McCullough, I: Michael Douglas, Anthony Pellicano, Pic: Women of Alaska, underwater photography, $2.00.   

    APRIL: last page ripped, 2 small chips out of back cover, P: Eloise Broady, I: Tom Clancy, Harrison Ford, Pic: Vanity, China Dolls, $2.00.
    MAY: P: Diana Lee, I: Don King, Teri Garr, Pic: Denise Crosby, Kathy Shower, $3.00.
    MAY: P: Diana Lee, I: Don King, Teri Garr, Pic: Denise Crosby, Kathy Shower, small light cover stains, back cover corner fold, $2.00.
    JUNE: P: Emily Arth, PoY: India Allen, I: Chevy Chase, Theresa Russell, Pic: Phoebe Legere, $2.00.
    SEPTEMBER: P: Laura Richmond, I: Yasir Arafat, Tracey Ullman, Pic: Jessica Hahn, Elite Model Agency, $2.00.
    OCTOBER: P: Shannon Long, I: Roger Craig, Morton Downey Jr., Pic: Nancie S. Martin, Girls of the Southwest Conference, $2.00.
    DECEMBER: cracked spine, two loose pages, P: Kata Karkkainen, I: Cher, Gene Simmons, Pic: Playboy's Playmate Review, It Ain't Toontown, $2.00.

    MAY: tiny rip top front cover, corner folds, P: Monique Noel, I: Susan Sarandon, Richard Lewis, Pic: "Scandal," Natalya Negoda, $2.00. 
    JUNE: slight cover wear, P: Tawnni Cable, PoY: Kimberly Conrad, I: Edward James Olmos, Nicolas Cage, Pic: Dana Plato, wet & wild, $2.00.
    JULY: tiny corner fold, extra fold in centerfold, P: Erika Eleniak, I: Barry Diller, William Shatner, Pic: Shelly Jamison, B-Movie Bimbos, $2.00.
    JULY: P: Erika Eleniak, I: Barry Diller, William Shatner, Pic: Shelly Jamison, B-Movie Bimbos, $2.00.
    SEPTEMBER: extra fold edge of centerfold, P: Karin & Mirjam Breeschhooten, I: Keith Hernandez, Jeff Daniels, Pic: KC Winkler, Morganna, $2.00.
    OCTOBER: some covers wear, back cover corner fold, P: Karen Foster, I: Keith Richards, Geena Davis, Pic: Julie McCullough, Girls of the Southeastern Conference, $2.00.
    NOVEMBER: P: Renée Tenison, I: Garry Kasparov, Bonnie Raitt, Pic: Donna Mills, Margaret Nelson, Sex in Cinema 1989, $2.00.
    DECEMBER: P: Petra Verkaik, I: Candice Bergen, Patti D'Arbanville, Willie Horton, Pic: Karen Mayo-Chandler, Holy Sex Stars of 1989!, lady wrestlers, $3.00.

    JANUARY: P: Peggy McIntaggart, I: Tom Cruise, Andrew Clay Dice, Pic: Joan Severance, Angela Cavagna, $3.00. [2]
    OCTOBER: covers wear, P: Brittany York, I: Shintaro Ishihara, Kiefer Sutherland, Pic: Marisa Pare´, Girls of the Big West, $2.00.
    NOVEMBER: P: Tonja Christensen, I: Sean Penn, Julia Roberts, Pic: La Toya Jackson, Sex in Cinema 1991, $2.00.
    NOVEMBER: page 167 has a hole in text from coupon insert being ripped out, P: Tonja Christensen, I: Sean Penn, Julia Roberts, Pic: La Toya Jackson, Sex in Cinema 1991, $2.00.
    DECEMBER: P: Wendy Hamilton, I: Carl Sagan, Joe Pesci, Pic: Dian Parkinson, Isabelle Pasco, Sex Stars of 1991, $3.00.

    JUNE: slight water damage along edge, first few pages, corner folds, back cover scratches, P: Angela Meline, I: Ralph Nader, Patrick Swayze, PoY: Corinna Harney, Pic: Lynn Muscarella, $2.00.
    JUNE: P: Angela Meline, I: Ralph Nader, Patrick Swayze, PoY: Corinna Harney, Pic: Lynn Muscarella, $2.00.
    SEPTEMBER: P: Morwena Corwin, I: Betty Frieden, Dennis Miller, Pic: Sandra Bernhard, stewardesses, $2.00.
    APRIL: some wear front cover, back cover worn with water damage, last pages slight water damage, P: Nicole Wood, I: Frank Zappa, Cindy Crawford, Pic: tattoo, student bodies, $2.00.
    OCTOBER: slight cover wear, 3 tiny rips edge of cover, P: Jenny McCarthy, I: Jerry Seinfeld, Wesley Snipes, Pic: Rhonda Shear, Women of the Pac Ten, $2.00.
    DECEMBER: cover corner fold, extra folds in centerfold, P: Arlene Baxter, I: Rush Limbaugh, Branford Marsalis, Pic: Erika Eleniak, Sex Stars 1993, $2.00.

    JULY: P: Traci Adell, I: Bill Gates, Michael Moriarty, Pic: Shannon Long, Patti Davis, $2.00.
ater damage, P: Traci Adell, I: Bill Gates, Michael Moriarty, Pic: Shannon Long, Patti Davis, $2.00.

    SEPTEMBER: P: Donna D'Errico, I: Cindy Crawford, Sandra Bullock, Pic: Jaid Barrymore, Kimberly Conrad Hefner, $2.00.
    DECEMBER: P: Samantha Torres, I: George Foreman, Dominick Dunne, Pic: Sex Stars 1995, Bettie Page, Farrah Fawcett, $3.00. [2]

    SEPTEMBER: P: Jennifer Allen, I: Nicolas Cage, Janeane Garofalo, Pic: Uma Thurman, small-town girls, $2.00.

    FEBRUARY: P: Jennifer Miriam, I: Clint Eastwood, Michael Jordan, Pic: Faye Resnick, $2.00.
    JUNE: P: Carrie Stevens, PoY: Victoria Silvstedt, I: Dennis Rodman, Julianna Margulies, Pic: Carmen Electra, $2.00. 
    JULY: very good, slight wear, front cover crease with tiny rip at edge, back cover crease, extra fold in centerfold, P: Daphnee Lynn Duplaix, I: Anthony Edwards, Jon Lovitz, Pic: Farrah Fawcett, $2.00.
    JULY: back cover & last several pages corner fold, P: Lisa Dergan, I: Jerry Spinge, Craig Kilborn, Pic: the Newton girls, Playmate of the Year Karen McDougal, $2.00.
    DECEMBER: P: Erica, Nicole & Jaclyn Dahm, I: David Duchovny, Gore Vidal, Pic: Sex Stars 1988, Katarina Witt, $3.00.

    APRIL: P: Natlalia Sorolova, I: Nick Nolte, David Schwimmer, Pic: Sable, small spine crimp, $2.00.
    OCTOBER: Jodi Ann Paterson, I: Kevin Spacey, Joe Morgan; Pic: Claudia Christian, Girls of the Pac 10, tiny tear top of back cover, $3.00.

    JANUARY: very slight cover wear, tiny back cover corner fold, P: Nicole Narain, I: Brit Hume, Dan Patrick, Pic: Joanie Laurer, Year in Sex, Playmate Review, $3.00.
    MARCH: spine ding, P: Jillian Grace, I: The Rock, Kid Rock, Pic: Playboy's 25 Sexiest Celebrities, Deborah Gibson, $2.00.
    JANUARY: some page wrinkles, P: Sandra Nilsson, I: Tina Fey, Mike Tyson, Tina Fey, Pic: Adrianne Curry, the Year in Sex, Playboy's Playmate Review, $3.00.
    JANUARY: L-shape cover crease, P: Dasha Astafieva, I: Richard Branson; Marston & Cooper Hefner, Pic: Carmen Electra, 55 Beautiful Years, Playmate review, $2.00.

    1967: very good, no envelope, $5.00.
    1969: very good, $5.00.
    1970: very good, no envelope, $5.00.
    1971: very good, $5.00.


    Vol. 3 #9, very good, $5.00.
    Vol. 4 #2, Dina Levetti, Judy (J. C.) Chester, Carol Rica, about very good, but cover loose, small splits, $3.00.
    Vol. 4 #7, Teri Turner, Chris Sanford, very good, center page loose at one staple, $5.00.
    Vol. 6 #7, 1962, Suzanne Baxter, Ann Peters, June Wilinson, Junk Shima, very good, $7.00.

    February 1954, includes nudes with airbrushed pubic areas, good, $5.00.

ART MODELS (artist model full page pictures with pubic area airbrushed out; 1950’s)
    Volume V, very good, $8.00.

    October 1965, Lorna Maitland, Susan Park, Nancy Vann, Faith Huston, very good, $5.00.

    #3 1966, pin-ups, articles, stories, etc., slight wear, $5.00.

BOTTOMS UP!  (in 3-D)
    First printing 2008, limited to 1000 copies, cocktail recipes & 3-D pictures of naked women (glasses included), $15.00.  [$29.95 cover price]

    #3 1993, “45 super sexy stars NUDE!,’ including Linda Blair, Sharon Stone, Rosanna Arquette, Annette Benning, Una Thurman & Phoebe Cates; some shots are taken off a tv screen from vhs tapes being played, slibht wear, corner folds, $2.00.

    vol. 1 #1, Roma Scott, Freddi Robbins, Sharon Cordell, Jacki Miller, Palva Itano, Teddi King, very good+, $5.00.

    December 1957, Bridget Bardot, fiction by Arthur C. Clarke!, $5.00.
    October 1962, Gill Burns, Dina Frost, Helmi Jensen, Brande Bello, very good+, corner fold, $5.00.

FIGURETTE (digest size) (artist model full page pictures with pubic area airbrushed out; 1950’s)
    Annual #1 (regular issue #12), very good, small tear top of spine, $5.00.

FOCUS (digest-size autobiographical spotlight on particular sex symbols)
    #1 Melissa Anne Moore  $1.00.  [3]
    #3 Debra Lamb  $1.00.  [5]
    #4 Monique Gabrielle  $1.00. 

    October 1969, Sandra Young, Georgia Rambeau, Lillian Parker, Marie Schroeder, Marilyn Garnet, Lisa Burke, lots more, but missing one page near the end, very good+ otherwise, $1.00.

    1966 Year Book, Spring, slight wear, scrape along lower spine, $4.00.

    #10 Dec 1995-Jan 1996, Ruth Anderson, Joty Harmon, Pat Conley, $3.00.
    #11 Apr-May 1996, DeDe Lind, Kitten Natividad, Raquel Welch, Yvette Vickers, $3.00.
    Best of #2 Winrer 1997, June Wilkinson, Lillian Muller, Joyce Gibson, $3.00.

    2009, explicit, glasses included, $10.00.  [$19.95 cover price]

    January 1960, like Playboy but without nudity, photographs; has articles (Latest Military Aircraft, Economy Automobiles, Oversexed Women, etc.), fiction humor, slight wear, hole punch upper right corner, small stain from removed sticker inside back cover edge, $3.00.

JACKPOT “The Cad’s Home Companion”
    Vol. 1 #2 June 1958, Brigitte Bardot, slight wear, $15.00.

    Vol. 2 #1, Annie Austin, Karrie Dean, Patsy May, Cindy Cole, Pat Stockton, Terry Higgins, Joanna Curtis, Sherry Carson, Tanya Murietta, goodm price blacked out & collector’s price written in felt parker, corner folds, $5.00.

    #4 1998, cabaraet cuties of New York City, $1.00.

    Vo. 1 #2, 1960, slight wear, small corner fold, BUT spine two-thirds split, $2.00.
    Vol. 2 #8, 1964, slight wear, $8.00.
    Vol. 5 #2, 1968, some wear, content quality has gone downhill, $2.00.

    Vol. 1 #1, January 1961, slight wear, $10.00.

MERMAID - First Series
    Vol. 1 #5, 1958, slight wear, corner folds, $10.00.
    Vol. 1 #7, 1959, slight wear, $15.00.
     Annual 1960, reprints include June Wilkinson article, some wear, lower corners water wrinkled, $7.00.

MERMAID - Second Series
    Vol. 1 #4, 1963, slight wear, $10.00.

    Vol. 8 #3 June 1963, Baby Doll Lesley, Sharon Lee, Beyond the Fringe, very good, corner folds, $5.00.

PARADE (artist model full page pictures with pubic area airbrushed out; 1950’s)
    Volume VII, very good, half inch spine split at bottom, $8.00.

    February 1973, Flesh Gordon pictorial, slight rips top & bottom of spine, $3.00.
    October 1978, science & the future, I: Leonard Nimoy, cover wear, very good, $2.00.

    #1, second printing, $5.00.
    #5 Jan/Feb 1995, $5.00.
    #8 Jul/Aug 1995, $5.00.
    #9 Sep/Oct 1995, $5.00.
    #10 Nov/Dec 1995, $5.00.
    #11 Jan/Feb 1996, $5.00.

    Vol. 1 #1, no date (about 1960), some wear, $8.00.

    #1 April 1998, Battie Page, Jane Russell, Marilyn Monroe, Bill Ward, $4.00.
    #3 Winter 1999. Tina Louise, Helena Antonaccio, Nancy F, Debra Jo Fondren, Robert Harrision, slight wear, $3.00.
    #4 Spring 1999, Ann-Margaret, Jennifer Janesko, $3.00.
    #8 Summer 2001, Sandr Bullock, Mamie Van Doren, Rebecca Pauline, $3.00.

PINUP DIGEST (digest-size version of PINUP)
    #2 1998?, pinups of Mei Ling, Ronnie Marshall, Bettie Page, Kay Stone, Carmewn Lugo, Tamar Benamy, Jill, slight wear, $3.00.

    Volume 16 #3 (August 1989), slight cover stain, I: Ernie Hudson, Pic: Heather Hunter, Margaret, Jacquelyn, $2.00.

    Vol. 1 #4 June (no year; about 1960), slight wear, top edge back cover a little rough, $10.00.

    Vol. 3 #3 1963, Alice McQuire, Melody Malone, Bibs Payne, Marvella Marcel, Ruby Gore, Linda Pearls, very good-fine, $10.00.

    May 1959, very good, small chips out of right edge of cover, fiction by Fritz Leiber, Harlan Ellison, $5.00.
    July 1959, very good, inch tear with folds top of cover near spine, includes fiction by Robert Bloch, Harlan Ellison, $4.00.

    #6, Julie Lee, Traci Lords, Moon Lee, Jade Leung, $3.00.

    #1 2009, “naughty nudes and cartoons in 3-D”, glasses included, slightly explicit, $10.00.  [$1995 cover price]

    SEPTEMBER 2011, cover #1 of 2, the Morena issue, $3.00.

    Volume #1 #1, 1962, slight wear, small indentation in back, quarter inch cut top edge of entire magazine, $5.00.

    #1 October 2011, slick magazine of colorful, tasteful staged pin-ups, $5.00.
    #2, January 2012, slick magazine of colorful, tasteful staged pin-ups, $5.00.
    #3, September 2012, slick magazine of colorful, tasteful staged pin-ups, $5.00.

    #1, pictures, $2.00.  [3]
    #2, pictures + Kitten Natividad interview, $2.00.
    #3, pictures, with interviews with Dixie Evans, Sheri Champagne, Dusty Sage, $2.00.  [2]
    #4 (final issue), pictures, with interview with Becky Sunshine, $2.00.

TEASE!, art, articles, pin-ups, vintage & new
    #1 1994, includes Joyce Ballentyne, John Waters, $4.00.  [2]
    #1 1994, includes Joyce Ballentyne, John Waters, corner fold, $3.00.
    #2 1994, includes Ted Kimer, Bunny Yeager, Gil Elvgren, $4.00.
    #3 1995, includesd Irish McCalla, Bunny Yeager, Bill Ward, Zoe Mozert, Madame Satan movie, $4.00.  [2]
    #4 1995, includes brief article on Frazaetta’s work on Lil Abner, $4.00.  [3]
    #5 1995, includes article in Milton Caniff, Cleo Moore, Tura Satana, $4.00.  [2]
    #6 1996, includes Lili St. Cyr, Tura Satana, Lilly Christine, $4.00.  [2]
    #6 1996, includes Lili St. Cyr, Tura Satana, Lilly Christine, small corner fold, $3.00.
    #7 1997, includes Josephine Baker, Punz Wolff, Lulu, slight wear, $3.00.

    Vol. 1 #1 - BIKINI, no date, much newer (as in 2000+), slick magazine of full page pin-ups of Vietnamese models in bikinis, $5.00.


ALLURE November 1985 [M27], first issue, Mel Gibson, Chuck Norris articles; pic of young Patrick Warburton in just jeans; buncha naked men, slight wear, $2.00.
COLT CLASSIC 1992 CALENDAR, slight wear, (SW), $4.00.
EURO GUY, lots of naked gay guys, #99, (JR), $4.00.
MANDATE August 1993, slight wear, $2.00.
PLAYGIRL 1975: calendar, (ET), $4.00.
    1976: calendar, (ET), pages loose, staple holes in corners, $3.00.
    1982: October (Tom Selleck, Steve Yaeger), centerfold loose, $2.00.
    1982: December (Christpher Reeve, John Matuzak), some wear, corner of cover faded, $1.00.
    1983: September (John Travolta intervire), $2.00.
    1993: September (Antonio Banderas), some wear, $1.00.
    1995: March (Scott Bakula), $4.00.
    1996: April (Nick Kokotakis), December, (US)(FW-slight back cover wear), $2.00.
    1997: February (Antonio Banderas), March, September, November, (FW), $2.00@.
    1998: July (Paul Johansson, Gary Allan, Dave Koz articles), $2.00.
    1999: February, March (slight cover scrape)(FW), $2.00@.
    2000: October (Christian Boeving)(FW-slight wear, corner fold), $1.00.
    2001: July, (slight wear), $2.00.
    2003: April, (bent page), $2.00.
    2006: January, September, $2.00@.
PLAYGIRL PRESENTS 1980: January (Best of), (LS2-slight cover wear), $2.00.
2 (Hot Male Couples)Sept/Oct 2003 (JR), $4.00.
UNZIPPED 12/9/97, $2.00.
VIVA, ‘The International Magazine For Women,’ similar to Playgirl, 1975: July (K-very good), $2.00..

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