Sorry!  No fancy shopping cart in this website.  What you need to do is:

1) Send us a list by e-mail of what you want to buy.  On the subject line of the e-mail, please use something like "order request."  Occasionaly our spam filter throws an order request into the spam file, but we check the spam file every day.

2) Let us know what you are ordering: fanzine, comic book, book, poster, film clip packet, whatever.   For fanzines, please include what genre (i.e., Star Trek, Star Wars, etc.).  Used items: we sell for lots of people.  The letters in parentheses for used items except comic books [such as (KG)] indicate who we're selling for (everyone has a different idea as to how much they want for something, hence the different prices!).  For comic books, you must include what publisher if possible (i.e., DC, Marvel, etc.).  For magazines, stuffed toys, & other things, include the location (box number) it is in.  This will help speed things up! 

3) Include your address so we can get a near exact shipping quote from the post office.  YES, we ship overseas!  But it's getting EXPENSIVE -- the United States Post Office no longer offers surface mail by boat; large orders may go by United Parcel Service when cheaper.  It's even getting expensive to ship within the states.

4) We'll go and pull the items, come up with a total with shipping, and let you know what the total is, and what, if anything, is sold out.  This may not be immediately -- there are days, weekends, even weeks when we are not at home chained to the computer.  (This is a hobby that has gotten out of control!)

5) You have the option of paying by check, money order, cash (sent at your own risk!), or credit card through PayPal online.  

6) We will hold the items for three weeks.  If we haven't received payment by that time (or communication from you as to why the delay), back they will be filed, or sold to someone else asking for them.

7) RETURN POLICY: We have no hard and fast policy.  If something is defective, let us know, and we'll proceed from there.  We can't check all the magazines to make sure they haven't been clipped (try as we might), or every fanzine to make sure someone hasn't penciled in a snide comment.  If you've ordered something in error, such as a zine you forgot you already had and are using to hold up the short leg of the coffee table, returning it for credit will depend on whether we've paid off yet the person we're selling it for.

e-mail us at: jimmel@jps.net

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