Last updated November 20, 2018

BUFFALO WINGS #1, Bonanza, Gunsmoke/Kung Fu, WWW, AS&J, Lonesome Dove, Bordertown, 98p, $8.00.
    #2, Bordertown, AS&J, Lancer/AS&J, Gunsmoke, Laredo, Lonesome Dove, 114p, $9.00.
FOUR CORNERS, Magnificent 7, 88p, $8.00.
GHOST RIDERS #5, Laramie, WWW, WWW/Wanted Dead or Alive, Wyatt Earp, Barbary Coast, AS&J, WWW/Wildside, Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke/Laredo, 108p, $7.00. [1 file copy]
    #6, The Man With No Name, Lone Ranger, Wildside, Big Valley, WWW, High Chaparral, 116p, $7.00.
    #7, Wildside, WWW, Bonanza, AS&J, Wagon Train, Laredo, The Chisums, Col. Mortimer, The Man With No Name, 106p, $7.00.
    #8, AS&J, Bonanza, High Chaparral, Outlaws, The Virginian, Kung Fu, Lancer, 172p, $12.00.
    #9, Gunsmoke, Young Riders, High Chaparral, AS&J, Bordertown, Lancer, Bonanza, 120p, $8.00.
    #10, Young Riders, AS&J, High Chaparral, Bordertown, Here Come the Brides, Bonanza, 148p, $12.00.
    #11, AS&J, High Chaparral, Big Valley, Gunsmoke, Rifleman, Bonanza, Young Riders, Lawman, Laredo, 136p, $10.00.
    #12, Paradise, Bonanza, High Chaparral, AS&J, Young Riders, Gunsmoke, Rifleman, WWW, 140p, $12.00.
    #13, Bonanza, AS&J, Gunsmoke, Bordertown, High Chaparral, WWW, Big Valley, 142p, $12.00.
    #14, AS&J, Bonanza, Bordertown/Young Riders, High Chaparral, AS&J/High Chaparral, 136p, $12.00.
    #15, AS&J, WWW, High Chaparral, County Brisco Jr, Bonanza, Bordertown, Kung Fu/Bonanza, Young Riders, Paradise, Laredo, Rawhide, Big Valley, 188p, $16.00.
ONE MORE LAST CHANCE by Wortham, Virgil & Bowyer, AS&J, 148p, $15.50.
THE PROMISE UNMASKED by L. Vogt, Zorro, digest-size, 67p, $9.00.
RIDER COMING IN, Young Riders,  #1, reprint, 164p, $15.00.
    #1, reprint (new publisher), 164p, $17.50.
    #2--Tangled Web by L. Anderson, reprint, 326p, $19.00.
    #2--Tangled Web by L. Anderson, reprint, 326p, $22.00 (new publisher).
SWORD UNSHEATHED by L. Mooney, Zorro, digest-size, 62p, $8.50.
WANTED: ALIAS SMITH & JONES, AS&J, the original 1972 zine (only the back cover replaced), articles, trivia, art, one story outline, 27p, $2.00.
WILLING AND ABLE by V. Arvelo, Bonanza, 132p, $10.00.


ACE IN THE HOLE by Marg Baskin, Mag7, 96p, (CH4), $5.00.
ALIAS HEYES & CURRY #2, 124p, (US), $6.00.
ANTAREAN ARCHIVES, science fiction/fantasy zine that includes a 4 page AS&J story, 42p, (DJ)(DJ), $1.00 [filed under sf/fantasy].
ASHES OF THE MIND by the Smarm Sluts, Mag7, includes short story by Carla; centers on Ezra, 175p, (PD-2nd printing), $10.00.
BACK TO THE WILD WILD WEST, articles & fiction, #1, 34p, (US), $2.00.
    #2, 35p, (US), $2.00.
    #3, 27p, (US), $2.00.
    #4, 25p, (US), $2.00.
    #5, 31p, (US), $2.00.
    #6, 24p, (US), $2.00.
    #7, 25p, (US), $2.00.
    #8, 27p, (US), $2.00.
    #9, 29p, (US), $2.00.
    #10, 26p, (US), $2.00.
    #11, 24p, (US), $2.00.
    #12, 27p, (US), $2.00.
    #13, 27p, (US), $2.00.
    #14, 27p, (US), $2.00.
    #15, 13p, (US), $1.00.
    #16, articles only, 16p, (US), $1.00.
    #17, 13p, (US), $1.00.
    #18, 14p, (US), $1.00.
    #19, articles only, 14p, (US), $1.00.
    #20,14p, (US), $1.00.
    #22, 18p, (US), $1.00.
THE BOOK OF COUNTED SORROWS by Vampyr Alex, Mag 7 a/u (ATF), digest-size, 224p, (ESC), $5.00.
COMPADRES #2, Paradise, AS&J, Big Valley, Lancer/Big Valley/AS&J, Quest, Bordertown, Young Riders, 288p, (SW), $15.00.
FAR FROM THE HOME I LOVE by Lady Chriss -- Mag7 crossed with Star Wars -- listed under Star Wars - Used
GHOST RIDERS #5, Laramie, WWW, WWW/Wanted Dead or Alive, Wyatt Earp, Barbary Coast, AS&J, WWW/Wildside, Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke/Laredo, 108p, (GS)(DJ), $5.00.
JOURNAL, High Chaparral stories from the Mark Slade Fan Club, 102p, (US), $5.00.
JUST YOU, ME & THE GOVERNOR¨, Alias Smith & Jones, #1, 206p, (US), $10.00.
    #2, 302p, (US), $15.00.
    #3, 228p, (US), $11.00.
    #14, 195p, (DJ), $10.00.
LET’S RIDE! #1, Mag 7, 179p, (PD), $12.00.
MEMORIES vol. 4 #1, non-fiction, the Lone Ranger, Green Hornet, 14p, (US), 50¢.
NIGHT OF THE CRYSTAL DOORWAYS by Catherine Schlein, WWW, 86p, (US), $4.00.
ONE MORE LAST CHANCE by Ann Wortham, Laura Virgil & Lynn Bower, AS&J, 148p, (DJ), $8.00.
THE ORVILLE MILLER STORY by Linda C. Wood, Leonard Nimoy’s character in “Catlow,” 56p, (LB), $3.00.
PAST AND PRESENT: LONGS AND SHORTS, Mag7 stories by Tammy, digest-size, 209p, (US), $8.00.
THE PONY EXPRESS (Young Riders) #1 198p, (US), $10.00.
    #2, 119p, (CF), $6.00.
    #4 - The Alternate Universe issue, 93p, (CF), $5.00.
    #5, 103p, (CF), $5.00.
    #6, 89p, (CF), $5.00.
    #7, 112p, (CF), $6.00.
REIVER’S LEGACY #1, AS&J, 226p, (US), $11.00.
RIDER COMING IN #1, Young Riders, U. S. reprint, 164p, (US)(CF), $8.00.
ROMANCE ON THE RAILS #1, Wild Wild West, 93p, (US-unbound), $5.00; (JCP-reprint), $10.00.
    #2 (More Romance on the Rails), 92p, (US-unbound), $5.00.
THE SHADOW THAT RUNS BEFORE by jann, Book One of The Dreamcatchers, original fiction, digest-size, 133p, (DRB)(DRB), $5.00.
SPIES IN THE OLD WEST, WWW, 114p, (US), $6.00.
TRAIL DUST, non-fiction magazine devoted to TV & movie westerns, Fall 1992, short articles on Larry Storch/F Troop, Cameron Mitchell/High Chaparral, Davy Crockett, Zorro, Have Gun - Will Travel, 18p, (US), $1.00.
    Spring 1993, short articles on Wes Studi, Eric Fleming, Alex Cord, Mike Connors, Clint walker, Kelo Henderson, Eric Schweig, Patrick Wayne, Dennis Weaver, 34p, (US-slight cover stains), $1.00.
    Spring 1994, short articles on Stuart Whitman, Russ McCubbin, Bruce Boxleitner, Wright King, Clint Walker, Robert Horton, Bordertown, Snowy River: the McGregor Story, Harry Carey Jr. & Ben Johnson, 32p, (US), $1.00.
    Summer/Fall 1994, short articles on Pat Buttram, Robert Mitchum, Walter Hill/Geronimo: An American Legend, Jane Seymour, Rob Word, Gail Davis, Bill Catching, Clarence Gilyard, Hugh O’Brien/Wyatt Earp, Paul Brinegar, 32p, (US), $1.00.
    Fall/Winter 19?? (possibly 1993), short articles on Denny Miller, Clint Walker, Ben Johnson & Harry Carey Jr.,Stuart Whitman, X Brands, Sam Elliott, Martin Kove, Wright King, Robert Fuller, James Drury, Pete Deuel, Eric Fleming, 32p, (US), $1.00.
TRAILS WEST, Mag7, Wyatt Earp, Have Gun Will Travel, Big Valley, High Chap, Here Come the Brides, 113p, (US), $8.00.
UNDER WESTERN SKIES, non-fiction, #41, articles on Robert Fuller/Laramie, Texas Rangers movie series, George Sherman, Bill “Cowboy Ramber” Boyd, B-westerns, 56p, (US), $2.00.
WANTED: ALIAS SMITH & JONES, AS&J, the original 1972 zine (only the back cover replaced), articles, trivia, art, one story outline, 27p, (DJ), $1.50.
THE WESTERNER #1 April 1986, non-fiction articles on the old west, movies, TV, stuntmen, working cattle ranches, etc.; this issue includes articles on The Rifleman, stuntman Boyd “Red Morgan, & movie location Sedona, AZ, 32p, (US), $1.00.
WIDE OPEN SPACES #1, The Man With No Name, 86p, (US), $4.00.
    #2, No Name, Col. Mortimer, 87p, (US-tiny piece out of edge; some light pages) $4.00.
    #3, No Name, AS&J, 76p, (US), $4.00.
    #4, She-Wolf, Col. Mortimer, AS&J, No Name, Lancer, 84p, (US), $4.00.
    #6, WWW, Frisco Kid, Bad Company, High Chaparral, Hanged Man, 102p, (US), $5.00.
    #7, Bad Company, AS&J, Bonanza, Barbary Coast, Gunsmoke, Hanged Man, WWW, 118p, (US), $6.00.
    #8, WWW, Bad Company, AS&J, Bret Maverick, F Troop/Bad Company, Cimmaron Strip, 97p, (DB)(US), $5.00.
    #9, Frisco Kid, WWW, Barbary Coast, Wildside, AS&J, Frisco Kid/Laramie/Lawman, Barbary Coast/WWW, 118p, (US), $6.00.
    #11, AS&J/XF, AS&J, Young Riders, Lonesome Dove Outlaw Years, 86p, (US), $5.00; (MCR), $6.00.
ZORRO: BLADE OF JUSTICE, 82p, (US), $5.00.

ALIAS SMITH AND JONES 1977 ANNUAL, England kid’s book with stories, comics, articles on the West, (ET), $15.00.
MAVERICK ANNUAL, unknown year, Roger Moore & Jack Kelly art on cover, possibly missing copyright page, kid’s stories, comics, western articles, good condition, spine damage at top  & bottom of spine, (ET), $5.00.
    1963, (US-tape top & bottom of spine, top inside cover partly torn, writing on copyright page), $8.00.
    1982, for the new series, (LS2)(SD2), $8.00..

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