Last updated August 3, 2023

Stargate Atlantis follows below
    letters in parentheses indicate who we are selling them for
AD ASTRA PER ASPERA  #1, 185p, (BV), $14.00.
THE BIZARRO COLORING BOOK #3 by Leah Rosenthal, 80 single-sided pages, (KF2), $4.00.
BURNING BRIDGES by [details lost at the moment - may be gone]
DESTINATIONS #1, 140p, (KM2), $7.00.
DOOR TO HEAVEN #1, 292p, (KM2), $15.00.
FATE’S REFLECTION by Yum@, 364p, (KM2), $18.00.
IRIS CODE #2, 152p, (BV), $8.00.
    #3, 281p, (BV), $16.00.
JACK’S SON #1 by LRH Balzer, 202p, (KM2), $10.00.
THE LIMITS OF TRUST by Sheila Paulson, crossed with Sentinel, 117p, (ST)(KM2-creased), $6.00; (BV), $7.00.  [also listed under Sentinel)
NEW WORLDS & FALSE GODS #1, 166p, (BV), $10.00.
    #3, 136p, (BV), $10.00.
NOR IRON BARS A CAGE by Sheila Paulson, crossed with Sentinel, 142p, (ST)(JW), $7.00.  [also listed under Sentinel)
REAP THE WHIRLWIND by Sheila Paulson, crossed with B7, 120p, (US)(KM2)(KM2)(EC), $6.00. [also listed in B7]
REDEMPTION #6, 200p, (AM2)(KM2), $10.00.
THE SEVENTH CHEVRON #1, 188p, (BV), $9.00; (BAS)(ST), $10.00.
    #2, 239p, (KM2), $12.00.
    #3, 262p, (KM2), $13.00.
    #4, 209p, (KM2), $10.00.
    #6, 190p, (BV), $10.00.
    #7, 169p, (BV)(BV), $8.00.
SPLINTERS, a/u, 184p, (BV), $6.00.
SUICIDIUM by DawnC, 107p, (KM2), $5.00.
THOSE LEFT BEHIND by Denise, digest-size, 242p, (BV), $10.00.
NO FRUIT LOOPS, PLEASE!, digest-size cookbook compiled by the people of Gatecon, 257p, (BV), $10.00.
YA READY FOR THAT YELLOW BRICK ROAD?, digest-size fanzine log with slightly blurry Stargate SG-1 photo as part of cover, for one to keep track of a fanzine library, haves and wants, a place for notes on issues, and even an address book section, 86p, (KM2), $2.00.
ATLANTIS UTOPIA, 101p, (DJ-liquid stain edge last few pages), $5.00.
CRITIAS #1, digest-size, 120p, (DJ-covers stains), $2.00; (LS2-small cover stains), $5.00.
    #2, digest-size, 96p, (DJ-no cover, small stains back cover), $1.00.
    #3, digest-size, 240p, (LS2)(LS2), $12.00.
    #4, digest-size, 129p, (DJ-small stains), $5.00; (LS2), $6.00.
    #5, digest-size, 168p, (LS2), $8.00.
    #6, 169p, (LS2), $9.00.
DEMONS by SGAFan, 262p, (BV)(LS2-slight water damage bottom edge last half of zine), $15.00.
I’VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN by Wraithfodder, 150p, (LS2), $8.00.
JUMPER THREE, 143p, (DJ), $7.00.
JUMPER FOUR, 116p, (LS2), $6.00.
TAKING FLIGHT (gen & Ship zine) #1, 287p, (LS2)(?), $14.00.
    #2, 220p, (DJ), $11.00.
TALES FROM THE PEGASUS, stories by b7-kerravon from the internet, 147p, (KM2), $5.00.
TALES FROM THE PEGASUS, stories by b7-kerravon from the internet, 147p, (KM2), $5.00.

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