Last updated April 1, 2017

    letters in parentheses indicate who we are selling for
ABOVE ALL ELSE, Phantom of the Opera, Ghost & Mrs. Muir, digest-size, 62p, (LY-photo on cover loose), $3.00.
ADVENTURES IN SLIME & TIME #1, QL, Real Ghostbusters, reprint, 87p, (KG), $10.00.
THE AGONY COLUMN #1, A-Team, DW, STTNG, QL, Highlander, Pros, WoW, V, STTNG/STDS9, 87p, (CAM-reprint, sticker removed from corner)(KM2-reprint), $4.00; (BV-reprint), $5.00.
AIRWAVES #6, B7 (one third of zine), A-Team (1 pg), Knight Rider/The Master, M:I (Paris), EQ, 81p, (AD), $4.00.
AIRWAVES MULTI-MEDIA SPECIAL #1, Sp:1999, A-Team, Rem Steele/B7, Master, Knt Rider/A-Team, Gentle Touch, A-Team/Master, Master, 148p, (MCR-U.S. reprint), $12.00.
ALMOST ANYTHING GOES...AROUND TWICE! (Almost Anything Goes #2), ST (5 stories), B7 (Bizarro 7), EQ, 164p, (PD), $8.00.
ALPHA CENTURA COMMUNICATOR vol. 4 #3, club newsletter with SW story, digest-size, 10p, free.
ALTERNATE DIMENSIONS OF REALITY #1, SW, ST, Magnum PI, ST/Max Headroom, 150p,  (SD2), $7.00.
ANGLOFILE, Brit newsletter, 8-16p, vol. 1 #1 [2], 2, 3, 6, vol. 2 #1, 2 [2], 3 [2], 4, 6, vol. 3 #1/2, 3/4, vol. 4 #1, 50¢@.
ANGLO FILE, B7, DW, Robin Hood, Garreth Jenkins, Avengers/Modesty Blaise/Prisoner, 100p, (JCP-photocopy), $5.00.
ANIME HOUSE PRESENTS #10, Deimos no Hanayome, St. Seiya, St. Seiya/Shurato, Macron 1/Deimos no Hanayome, Robotech, Samurai Ghostbusters, Macron 1, Devilman, no back cover, 154p, (CT), $12.00.
BAD GUYS FINISH FIRST, mostly orig., with STTNG, Dark Shadows, Sesame St., Coyote & Road Runner, 130p, (US-small stain top of cover), $6.00. 
BASELINES #4, SW, ST, BSG, ST/WWW, 108p, (CM), $10.00.
BAYSTAR #3, clubzine (articles, no fiction), 24p, (BV), $1.00.
BELLEROPHON, (Star Klique clubzine with ST, original sf, con reports, non-fiction articles on sf films),
    Vol 1, #4, 16p, $1.00.
    Vol 2, #1, 18p, (RF), $1.00.
    Vol 2, #2 20p, (RF), $1.00; (PH), $1.50.
    Vol 2, #5/6, 32p, (RF), $1.00.
    Vol 2, #7, 32p, (RF), $1.00.
BETA ANTARES FOUR #2, SW, BSG, ST, Fantasy Island, 111p, (MCR), $6.75.
CELESTIAL TOYBOX #18, Xena, MacGyver, Stargate SG1, MacGyver/Forever Knt, X-F, SW, X-Men/Spider-Man, the Shadow, Hercules, 344p, (CF), $17.00.
THE CLIPPER TRADE SHIP #13, ST, sf, digest-sized, 46p, (FW), $1.00.
    #15, ST, fantasy, digest-sized, 36p, (LB)(FW), $1.00.
    #16, ST/Lost in Space, ST, digest-sized, 32p, (SD)(FW), $1.00.
    #21, ST, digest-size, 32p, (FW), $1.00.
    #22, SW, digest-size, 32p, (LS2), 50¢.
    #23, Questor, digest-sized, 32p, (LB), $1.00.
    #24, ST/Inc. Hulk, fantasy, digest-sized, 36p, (SD)(FW)(DJ-faded cover), $1.00.
    #25, ST/SW, fantasy, digest-sized, 24p, (LS2), 50¢.
    #27, ST, I Claudius, digest-sized, 36p, (FW), $1.00.
    #28, Man From Atlantis, ST, digest-sized, 36p, (FW), $1.00.
    #29, ST, Quark, digest-sized, 32p, (SG2), 75¢; (SD)(MB)(DJ)(FW), $1.00.
    #30, Man From Atlantis, 28p, (FW), $1.00.
    #31, ST, fantasy, Man From Atlantis, digest-sized, 32p, (FW), $1.00; (MCR), $1.25.
    #32, sf, Kolchak, digest-sized, 32p, (LB), 50¢; (D), $1.00.
    #35/36, ST, SW, fantasy, digest-sized, 60p, (SD)(LB)(FW), $1.00.
    #37/38, ST/Blues Bros., sf, fantasy, digest-sized, 64p, (SD)(BH)(GP2)(FW), $1.00.
    #39/40, ST, fantasy, sf, digest-sized, 76p, (SD)(LB)(FW)(AD), $1.00.
    #44/45, ST, ST/Spider-Man, fantasy, digest-sized, 68p, (AB)(FW), $1.00; (CS), $2.00.
    #46, DW, ST, digest-sized, 40p, (GP2-indentation from the back by chair leg), 75¢; (CM)(SD), $1.00.
    #47, Quark, Prisoner, SW, digest-sized, 40p, (FW-wrinkled), 50¢; (SD)(SG2), $1.00.
    #48, ST/Kung Fu, DW, Prisoner, ST, digest-sized, 36p, (SD)(FW), $1.00.
    #49, ST, sf, Prisoner, SW, digest-sized, 36p, (D)(SD)(FW), $1.00.
    #50, ST, Wizards & Warriors, Prisoner, DW, digest-sized, 60p, (LB), $1.00.
    #51, ST/SW cross, sf, digest-sized, 36p, (D)(SD)(FW), $1.00.
    #52, DW, Voyage Bottom Sea, ST parody, sf, digest-size, 36p, (FW), $1.00.
    #53, digest-sized, Prisoner, ST/DW, ST, sf, 36p, (FW), $1.00.
    #54, ST, Wizard of Elm St, fantasy, Man From Atlantis, DW, digest-sized, 36p, (LB)(FW), $1.00.
    #55, ST, B7, Prisoner, DW/Conan, digest-size, 36p, (FW), $1.00.
    #56, DW, Prisoner, ST, digest-sized, 36p, (GP2-slight water damage), 50¢; (LB)(FW)(FW)(VS2), $1.00.
    #57, DW, Oz, ST, Prisoner, digest-sized, 36p, (FW), $1.00.
    #58, ST, Prisoner, Buck Rogers, STTNG, sf, DW/St. Elsewhere, digest-sized, 60p, (MCR), 90¢; (D)(SD), $1.00; (CM), $2.00.
    #59, STTNG, ST, Prisoner, DW, digest-sized, 36p, (SD), $1.00.
    #61, Voyage Bottom Sea, STTNG, DW, B7, digest-size, 36p, (FW)(FW), $1.00.
    #62, DW, fantasy, STTNG, digest-sized, 36p, (GP2-slight water damage), 50¢; (SD)(LB)(FW)(FW), $1.00.
    #64, ST/RGB, STTNG, Buck Rogers, DW, digest-sized, 36p, (SD), $1.00.
    #65, STTNG, Beauty&Beast, digest-size, 36p, (GP2)(FW)(FW), $1.00.
    #66 (says 65 on cover), STTNG, elfls, digest-size, 36p, (FW), $1.00.
    #67, Voyage Bottom Sea, STTNG, DW, digest-size, 36p, $1.00.
    #68, STTNG, digest-size, 36p, (LB), $1.00.
    #69, ST, digest-size, 36p, (FW), $1.00.
    #74, STTNG, sf, digest-size, 36p, (US), $1.00.
    #75, QL/High Chap, STTNG, digest-size, 36p, (FW), $1.00.
    #78/79, ST, STTNG, Quark, B7, 68p, (FW)(US), $2.00.
THE COMFORT ZONE #1, Stargate SG-1 [2], Sentinel [2], RGB [2], EQ, S&H, Touched By an Angel, Stargate SG-1/Shadow Chasers, 180p, (BV), $9.00.
COMMUNICATIONS CONSOLE, fanzine listing zine, vol. 3 #2, July 1989, 42p, (US), 50¢.
COMPADRES #2 -- see under WESTERNS
    #4, Dirty Dozen, Combat!, Hawaii 5-0, S&H, Pros, H&McC, Houston Knts, Lethal Weapon, Stingray, UNCLE, MacGyver, 215p, (KM2), $11.00.
    #5, Young Riders, Bordertown, Combat, AS&J/UNCLE, H-50, Houston Knts, UNCLE/Nightmare Cafe, RGB, WoW, 279p, (CF), $14.00.
    #9, Garrison’s Gorillas, UNCLE, Tour of Duty, S&H, Riptide, Wiseguy, Houston Knts, SeaQuest, Forever Knt, RGB, WoW, 208p, (SC2-’MMC Reading Library’ written on top of cover), $11.00.
    #24, Tremors, Due South, Riptide, EQ, Special Ops Force, B&B/The Master, Charmed, S&H, X-F, 170p, (MCR), $16.00.
CREATION TIMES (formerly Trek Times) #11, articles on Nick Tate, Leonard Nimoy, convention photos, news, reviews, 38p, (AD), $1.00.
    #15, ST, Japanese monsters, news, reviews, 20p, (AD), $1.00.
CROSSOVERS ANONYMOUS #1, FK/Highlander, Batman/Fri 13th, Pros/Brady Bunch, Time Trax/
FK, 6M$Man/Champions, A-T/Uncle, Family Mattters/Wiz Oz, DW/Silence Of The Lambs, 78p, (CH4)(LLF), $4.00.
DATA ZINE, the bi-monthly listing of zines available at that time with some reviews, #31 May/Jun 1984, 56p, US-some tops of pages ragged frombeing miscut), 50¢.
    #33 Nov 1984, 28p, (US), 50¢.
    #37 Jul/Sep; 1985, 54p, (US), 50¢.
    #47 1987, 54p, (US), 50¢.
    #47 May/Jun 1987, 46p, (US)(US), 50¢.
    #50 Nov/Dec 1987, 48p, (US), 50¢.
    #55May/Aug? 1989, (US), 50¢.
DEALER’S CHOICE#2, Real Ghostbusters, Kung Fu TLC, S&H, Forever Knight, B7, 188p, (MCR-cover scrape from removed label), $11.75.
DREAMSHIP, ST, SW, 92p, (SW-scratch marks bottom of cover), $5.00.
ECHO #1, SW, Laredo, 25p, (GS), $1.50.
EMPIRE STAR Vol. 2 #1,(#4?), SW, ST, BSG, 120p, (MCR), $5.75; (LS2), $6.00.
    Vol. 2 #2 (#5?), SW, Mad Max, ST, BSG, 144p, (DJ), $7.00.
ERRANTRY #2, SW, Voyagers!, ST, Knight Rider, Rem Steele, Rat Patrol, Airwolf, UNCLE, B7, 220p, (DJ), $10.00.
THE ESSAY ONE HOLIDAY SPECIAL 1982, Christmas-rated tales, Remington Steele, Greatest American Hero, Voyagers!, Knight Rider, 32p, digest-size, (SW), $1.50.
EQUICON ‘75/Filmcon 3 program book, digest-sized, 58p, 50¢.
FADED ROSES #1, B&B, Mozart, Phantom, 227p, (BV), $15.00.
    #2, B&B, Mozart, Phantom, 265p, (TLD), $12.00.
FALCON’S LAIR, ST, SW, 1 sf, 78p, (SW)(US)(AB)(JCP-passages underlined)(DJ-unbound, 3 hole punched), $4.00; (CW), $8.00.
THE FANTASTICALLY FUNDAMENTALLY FUNCTIONAL GUIDE TO FANDOM, guide to producing fanzines, digest-size, Volume 1 only of 3 volume set, 57p, (SF)(SF), $2.00.
FELGERCARB #2, digest-size, mostly ads, some art, trivia, 1pg BSG, 18p, (DJ)(DJ), 25¢.
    #6, DW/BSG, Sp:1999, BSG, 70p, (LS2), $3.50.
    #7, DW/BSG, Sp:99, BSG, 58p, (DJ), $3.00; (SW-2), $4.00.
    #8/9, B7 (nonfiction), Superman, sf, Man From Atlantis, Sp:99, DW/BSG, BSG, Buck Rogers (1 pg), 146p, (DJ), $7.00; (SW-unbound), $8.00; (BH-no back cover), $15.00.
FOREVER #1, Forever Knight, Highlander, 154p, (DP2), $10.00.
FOR THOSE  WHO CAME IN LATE, short essays giving the essentials of many TV series (& movies) that fanfic has been written about, #1, 154p, (F)(LLF), $7.00.
    #2, 154p, (F)(CF -back cover loose), $7.00.
FRAK: THE NEXT GENERATION #2, STTNG, 21 Jump, Starman/Powers of Mathew Starr, 39p, (CF-reprint), $2.00.
GATEWAY TO TIME #4, DW, B7, 161p, (RB-Michael Keating autograph on cover;slight water damage on bottom of pages), $12.00.
GLIMPSE OF ETERNITY by Mel Hughes, Sentinel/Wiseguy/Highlander cross, 143p, (ESC), $8.00.
GRIP #9, ST, SW, Battle Beyond the Stars?, 58p, (GS-upper right corner of cover missing), $3.00.
    #17, mostly ST, 2 short SW, 66p, (SW), $3.00.
    #21, ST, Conan/ST, ??, 68p, (SD3), $3.00.
    #22, A-Team/V, fantasy, ST, ST/V, 68p, (RB), $3.00.
    #30, ST, STTNG, WWW/Avengers, 71p, (GP), $2.00.
    #46, STTNG only, 68p, (US), $3.00.
GUARDIAN #2, ST, SW, 202p, (MCR), $9.50; (SG2)(D)(CW)(SW)(SW)(AB)(DB)(LS2)(DJ), $10.00; (F), $15.00.
    #3, ST, SW, 214p, (EBS)(AB)(DB)(SGH2), $10.00.
    #4, mostly SW, with ST, Indy Jones, 1 sf, 205p, (SW)(SW)(EBS)(AB)(JCP)(DB)(F), $10.00.
    #4, missing 3 stories, 180p, (PH), $1.00.
    #6, ST, SW, Batman, UNCLE, 214p, (AB)(SW)(DB), $10.00; (JCP), $12.00.
    #8, ST, SW, Magnum P.I., Muncle, 178p, (EBS), $14.00.
HALF YOU, HALF ME #1, ST, S&H, 160p, (CW), $10.00.
HERE LIES ILLYA KURYAKIN, Saphire & Steel, Jungle Fighters, The Master, Outer Limits, Invisible Man, Sol Madrid, 64p, reprint, (LS2), $3.00.
HEROES’ PLIGHT  #6, Stargate SG1, Due South, Sentinel, Garrison’s Gorillas, Hercules, 128p, (DJ-U.S. printing), $7.00.
INSIDE A BROKEN DREAM, Pretender, Sentinel, Millenium, ST, Stargate SG1, ST Voyager, STTNG, 68p, (SG2), $4.00.
JIHAD!, ST, SP:99, 40p, (AB)(SW), $2.00.
JUST FOR KICKS, Highlander, Highlander/Kung Fu TLC, Kung Fu TLC, Raven, Street Justice, Walker Texas Ranger, WoW, 182p, (MCR), $8.75; (SW)(BS), $9.00.
LIONS & TIGERS & ZINES, OH MY #1, Airwolf, RGB, MacGyver, Road Warrior, Buck Banzai, SW, Land of Giants, Space Rangers, EQ, Kung Fu TLC, QL, ALF, Are You Being Served?/She Wolf of London, Fantasy Island, Moonlighting/MV, MV, 440p, (CF), $22.00.
    #4, ALF/X-F, S&H, RGB/Batman, EQ/Hghlander, Fantastic Journey, Jake & Fatman, RGB, Shadow/Batman Forever, 178p, (SW-slight cover damage), $10.00.
MAKING FANNISH MUSIC VIDEOS by Mary Schmidt, August 1997 edition -- pretty much outdated instructional guide, but a good how-to starting point, 25p, (SW), $1.00.
THE MANIFEST #1, She-Wolf of London, Forever Knt, Shades of LA, Beyond Reality, original horror/paranormal, 144p, (SD2-back cover loose), $7.00.
MASK: TALES FROM THE UNDERGROUND #1, Beauty & Beast, Phantom of Opera, 157p, (US), $8.00; (PD), $10.00.
MEDIA RARE (1993) #2?, QL/Alien Nation, STTNG, B&B, Lethal Weapon, B7, Highlander, B&B/TNMT, 178p, (MCR), $11.00; (CK2), $12.00.
MISSION--PROFESSIONAL by Glenys Ross, Pros/M:I/ST, 54p, (SW-unbound photocopy), 50¢; (DJ), $4.00.
N!, Muppets, M*A*S*H, Star Trek, Mork & Mindy, Close Encounters, Emergency, S&H, The Champions, 94p, (SW)(SG2)(SD2), $5.00; (NH), $6.00; (US), $10.00.
MULTIVERSE #25, ST, B7, B7/DS, B7/DW, digest-size reprint, 87p, $4.00.
    #26, B7, DSP/B7, DW (Sarah Jane)/Twin Peaks, B7/DW, digest-size, 92p, (US), $4.00.
    #27, B7/DW, B7/DS, Superman, B7, DS, digest-size reprint, 79p, (US), $4.00.
‘NOIDS ‘N ‘DROIDS #1, ST, SW, fantasy, 126p, (AB), $6.00.
    #2, SW, sf, ST, 156p, (MCR), $6.00; (AB), $8.00.
    #5, SW, ST, Bladerunner, 100p, (SF), $5.00.
NOVA #2, animé: Yamato, plus articles, 13p, (BH-unbound), 50¢.
    #3, animé: Starblazers?, articles, 22p, (BH-unbound), 75¢.
    #4, animé: Yamato, Starblazers?, plus articles, 32p, (BH-unbound), $1.00.
    #5, animé: Yamato, Starblazers, looots of articles, 45p, (BH-one-sided photocopy reprint), $1.50.
    #6, animé: Starblazers, Yamato, articles, 40p, (BH-unbound), $1.50.
    #7, animé: Yamato, articles, 53p, (BH-unbound), $1.50.
    #8, animé: Yamato, Dirty Pair (Dirty Little Girls #1 inserted in zine), articles, 32p, (BH-unbound), $1.00.
    #9, animé: animé: Starblazers, ?, articles, 52p, (BH-unbound), $1.50.
    #10, animé: Starblazers, Dirty Pair, 56p, (BH-unbound), $1.50.
    #11, animé: Yamato, articles, 56p, (BH-unbound), $1.50.
    #12, animé: Yamato, Dirty Pair, 54p, (BH-unbound), $1.50.
    #13, animé: Yamato, Voltron, articles, 79p, (BH-unbound), $3.00.
    #14, animé: Dirty Pair, Voltron, Yamato, some are parts of serials, articles, poetry, filk, lots of art, 66p, (BH), $3.00.
    Baycon Edition (put out before #13), animé: Macross, Gundam, Bubblegum Crisis, A-ko, 48p, (BH), $3.00.
OF DREAMS & SCHEMES #11, Highlander, Emergency, Batman/Stingray, RGB, Due South, Rat Patrol, Kung Fu TLC/Shadow, Due South, Kung Fu TLC/Highlander, B&B, Kung Fu TLC, WWW, Forever Knt, 222p, (SW-comb binding missinga third of teeth), $10.00; (RR)(LG), $11.00.
    #12, Due South, WWW, Rat Patrol, SeaQuest, Highlander, Riptide, RGB, Sentinel, 284p, (LG-missing contents/editorial page), $15.00.
    #14, SW, SeaQuest, Highlander, RGB, FX, S&H, Kung Fu TLC, Early edition/QL, WWW, Rat Patrol, Sentinel, 256p, (LG), $15.00.
    #18, Emergency, Farscape, RGB, Jules Verne, S&H, Highlander, SW, 184p, (MCR), $18.50.
OF OTHER & SUCH #1, DW, sf, BSG, Starblazers, DS, WWW, Little House on Prairie, UNCLE, Great American Hero, TJ Hooker, Streets of SF, 240p, (SW),(SD2) $12.00.
ON WINGS OF LIGHT #5, Phoenix, Phoenix/Stingray, B&B/RGB, Starman, Phoenix/Phantom of the Opera, Phoenix/B&B, B&B/QL, Starman/Phoenix/B&B, Phoenix/Highway to Heaven, B&B, 202p, (CF), $11.00.
    #6, Phoenix, Starman, Phoenix/QL, Phoenix/Stingray, B&B, Phoenix/QL, Phoenix/Dallas, Phoenix/Starman, 230p, (CF), $12.00.
THE OTHER SIDE OF PARADISE #7, ST, SW, 126p, (AF-rebound after being stapled on wrong side), $7.00; (SW)(PW)(SG2), $9.00.
OUCH! #4, Riptide, AS&J, RGB, Stargate SG-1, S&H, Fugitive, 169p, (MCR), $16.50.
PANNING FOR PYRITES, poetry & art: Star Trek, Bladerunner, War of Worlds, B&B, Hard&McC, Magnum PI, B7, 52p, (AD), $3.00.
PAULA SMITH’S PLAY BY PLAY, text of Zebracon plays, mostly S&H, 64p, (PD), $4.00. [found it!]
PEERS OF THE REALM, B7, Robin of Sherwood, Avengers, 54p, (BH), $5.00.
PHLEGETHON #1, ST, sf, fantasy, DS, SW, 53p, (CW), $5.00.
POTPURRI (Rook Press) #2, H&MC, H&MC/Si&Si, H&MC/Lethal Weapon, H&Mc/Werewolf, Si&Si, ST, DW. DW/James Bond, Pros, 176p, (KM2), $9.00.
POT-POURRI, Highlander, Buffy/Sentinel, Hercules, Forever Knight, RoS, Lonesome Dove, Dr. Who/ Highlander, 218p, (SW), $10.00; (SR), $15.00.
POWERSTAR #55, Friday 13th, Dark Shadows, original vampire, 42p, (BH), $1.50.
PRIME TIME #2, Hard&McC, Voyagers!, Si&Si, Shadwchasers, Bizarro 7, EQ, 134p, (CF-bottom left corner of cover missing-about 1”x2”), $6.00.
    #3, Shadow Chasers, Si&Si, DW/Hitchiker, The Master, Starman, B7, Voyagers!, 142p, (CF-missing cover), $3.00.
PROBE ONE #15, nonfiction, photocopied photos from Buck Rogers, SW, Bond, Dracula, Alien, etc., with Laurette Spang interview, 40p, (ET), $2.00.
QUANTUM CUISINE, cookbook, digest-size, with several TACS media illos, 84p, (MB), $3.00.
QUASTAR #6, ST, STTNG, SW, 150p, (SW), $7.00.
RECKLESS EMOTION, WWW, MV, EQ, Riptide, Adderly, MV/Stingray, 188p, (RB), $12.00.
REMOTE CONTROL #2, Midnight Caller/QL, RGB, Rat Patrol, Midnight Caller/WoW, Lethal Weapon, Riptide, Hogan’s Heroes, Midnight Caller, Wiseguy, WWW, Garrison’s Gorillas, Black Sheep Squad/Fantasy Island, 195p, (CF-price sticker on cover), [missing].
    #3, Rat Patrol, SW, Indy Jones, Young Riders, WoW, Buck Rogers, UNCLE, RGB, Magnum PI, Batman, Pros, H-5O, WWW, 213p, (CF), $11.00.
    #8, UNCLE/Seinfeld, Voyage Bottom Sea, Anchors Away, Independance Day, KF:TLC, Forever Knt, UNCLE/The Saint, X-F, Highlander, Planet of Apes, SeaQ, RGB, Earth 2, 210p, (MCR), $14.00.
    #15, RGB, Indy Jones, Stargte, Equalizer, B7, Rat Patrol, Independence Day, Emergency, X-Files, Mag 7, A-Team, Black Sheep Squadron, SW:Phantom Menace, 218, (CF), [missing].
    #21, Rat Patrol, Profiler, Buffy, Emergency, S&H, Stargate/RGB, Here Come Brides, Mag7, SW (Attack of Clones), RGB, 169p, (KB), $9.00.
RERUN #2, M*A*S*H, DW, Baretta, Magnum PI, SW, Hill St Blues, Indy Jones, Knt Rider, 141p, (SD2), $7.00.
    #6, Monkees/UNCLE, Bionic Woman, Stingray, Dempsey & Makepeace, STTNG, Remington Steele, Beauty & the Beast, 168p, (SG2), $8.00.
    #8, QL, STTNG, B7, Robin of Sherwood/Shadow Chasers, DW, B&B, Inc. Hulk, ST, 150p, (SD2)(BH), $7.00; (CM), $8.00. 
ROSCIUS MAXIMUS, fiction based on David Warner characters: DW/Time after Time, 2 other stories we haven’t a clue what movies they’re based on, 107p, (EA), $6.00.
THE ROSE, animé newsletter of Anime Hasshin, about 32ppp, #’s 31, 32, 42, 44, 45, (BH), $1.50@.
SAFEHOUSE #1, EQ, QL, Lethal Weapon, S&H, Sherlock Holmes, B&B, Black Sheep Squad, Streets of SF, Cagney & Lacey, 232p, (MCR), $13.75.
SCI-FI SPOTLIGHT (Bjo Trimbles sf/fantasy TV/movie newsletter, formerly Space-Time Continuum) #4, 46p, (RR), $1.00. [should be listed under magazines with other issues]
SHADOWS #2, mostly sf & fantasy, 1 ST story, 197p, (D), $3.00.
SHERWOOD TUNNELS #5, mostly Beauty & Beast and Robin of Sherwood; 1 B7, 1 Capt. Scarlet, 298p, (TLD), $14.00.
SLAYSU #1, ST, SW, Galactica, 70p, (SW-back cover loose), $3.00; (PH)(LW), $4.00; (MCR)(MCR), $4.75; (DB)(DRB-covers enclosed in plastic), $5.00; (LS2-original 128p format), $8.00.
    #2, ST, SW, Galactica, 148p, (MCR), $4.75; (DB), $5.00; (NH)(F)(LW), $6.00; (SW)(LS2)(PH), $7.00.
    #3, ST, SW, Galactica (some adult), 81p, (CM-no back cover[blank anyway]), $3.00; (F)(SW)(LS2)(PH)(LW), $4.00; (MCR), $4.75; (DRB-covers enclosed in plastic), $5.00.
    #4, ST, SW, Galactica (one adult), 90p, (F)(LW)(DRB-coversenclosed in plastic), $5.00.
    #5, ST, SW, BSG (some adult), 96p, (LW)(SW-back cover loose)(DRB-covers enclosed in plastic)(DRB), $5.00.
THE SONIC SCREWDRIVER #2, DW [3], B7 [1], 83p, (GS)(AD), $4.00.
    #4, Robin of Sherwoo/DW, Robin of Sherwood, B7, DW, 140p, (AD)(GS-blank back cover stained), $7.00.
    #5, DW, Robin of Sherwood, B7, 172p, (GS), $9.00.
    #6, Robin of Sherwood, B7, DW, 102p, (GS), $5.00.
SOUTHERN LIGHTS #2, Indy Jones, B7, Silverado, Airwolf, A-Team, MV, UNCLE, Si&Si, Black Sheep Squad, 293p, (SD2-cover stained), $12.00.
    #3, Indy Jones, B7, Silverado, Airwolf, A-Team, MV, UNCLE, Year of Living Dangerously, Si&Si, Black Sheep Squadron, 293p, (AD), $15.00.
SPICA, SW, BSG, #2, 63p, (MCR), $3.50.
    #3, 66p, (MCR), $2.75; (BS), $3.00.
    #4/5, 84p, (MCR), $3.75; (BS), $4.00.
STARPATH, non-fiction: SW, James Bond, + 1 short sf story, digest-size, 16p, (SW), 25¢.
STARSHIP BRITANICA #3, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, DW, B7, Tomorrow People, Pros, 186p, (AD), $9.00.
STARWINGS #1, DW, SW, 94p, (AB), $5.00.
    #2, SW, Galactica, ST, 86p, (AA)(?), $4.00.
SUFFERING HEROES, stories by Theresa Evans, B&B,. A-Team, Magnum PI, the Quest, 61p, (CF-U.S. reprint), $3.00.
SYNDICATED IMAGES #3, SW, Capt. Scarlet, Knt Rider, BSG, B7, 49p, (MCR), $6.75.
    #4, Pros, UFO, Mad Max, SW, Knight Rider, 48p, (DJ), $2.50.
SYNDI-ZINE #1, UNCLE, High Chaparral, UNCLE/Prisoner, Voyage Bottom Sea, S&H, Quark, Maverick, Lou Grant, James at 16, M*A*S*H, 105p, (ET)(SB2-reprint)(DJ-unbound, 3 hole punched, 2 black lines across cover from printing error), $5.00.
    #2 (Son of Syndi-zine), Rat Patrol, Monty Python, Time After Time, Altered States, Happy Days, S&H, Tenspeed & Brownshoe, Pigs in Space, Quincy, 174p, (DJ-unbound), $7.00; (AB)(SW-unbound)(F-unbound)(PH), $8.00; (CF), $9.00.
    #3, Hill St.Blues, Heroes, DW, Great American Hero, Monty Python, QED, Those Lips Those Eyes, Dragonslayer, 124p, (MCR), $3.50; (PW), $4.00; (F)(KR)(SJ) $5.00; (AB)(SW)(DJ)(PH), $6.000.
SYZYGY #1, Star Trek, Muncle, Dark Shadows, Blake’s 7, Battlestar Galactica, Voyagers, Professionals, 156p, (DJ), $7.00.
    #2, Dragnet, B7, sf, ST/Hawaii 5-0, Prisoner, Twilight Zone, 158p, (EC), $10.00.
    #4, ST, sf, Tales Gold Monkey, Dragnet, 130p, (SB2), $7.00.
TEXAS REVELATIONS #2, Superman/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, B7/SW, B7/Red Dwarf, Northern Exp/B7, MacGyver, Rat Patrol, 72p, (CF)(KB), $4.00.
TIMEFRAME #2, original, Gor, BSG, SW, 66p, (DJ), $3.00; (LS2), $4.00.
    #3, BSG, SW, sf, 70p, (SW), $3.00.
    #4, Voyage Bottom Sea, SW, 63p, (SW-small cover stain), $3.00; (MCR), $4.00.
TIME WARP #4, half SW, the rest sf, Buck Rogers/SW, ST, (AB), $7.00; (F)(JCP)(EBS)(D), $8.00; (C) $9.00.
    #5, mostly SW & ST, 1 UNCLE, 188p, (AB)(JCP), $9.00; (C)(EBS)(SW)(F), $10.00; (CH) $20.00.
    #6/7, mostly SW, with Buck Rogers, ST, Pros/SW, orig. superhero, Alien, Pros, 380p, (LG), $19.00; (F)(AB), $20.00; (JCP), $28.00.
TRI*WAY #1, ST, Indy Jones, sf, Buck Rogers, BSG, 140p, (MCR), $9.75.
TV CHARIOT #9/10, nonfiction on Galactica, SW, Land of Giants, UFO, Lost In Space, 35p, (NH) (KR2)(SD2), $1.00.
TV SEARCH, digest-size non-fiction articles, #7, Leonard Nimoy, M*A*S*H, Grace Kelly, Jimmy Wakely, other bios, etc., 54p, (AD), $1.00.
    #19, Fail-Safe, Harrison Ford, the Monkees, 54p, (AD-corner fold), $1.00.
VISIONS #1, mostly SW, some ST, 1 sf, 96p, (SW-photocopy), $1.00; (PW)(EBS)(AB), $5.00.
    #2, ST, SW, 138p, (AB), $7.00.
WANNA BUY A FANZINE? #1, fanzine review zine, reviewing 10 zines from ST:TNG, UNCLE, B&B, & mixed, 20p, (US), 50¢.
WARPED SPACE #28, ST, SW, 52p, (DB-unbound, 3 hole punched)(LS2)(AA)(PH-3 hole punched), $2.00; (CW), $10.00.
    #29/30, mostly ST, 1 Klysadel, 113p, (LS2-photocopy)(LS2-photocopy), $1.00; (KR2) (AB-unbound)(CM-no back cover)(DB-unbound, 3 hole punched)(PH-unbound, 3 hole punched)(AA-restapled), $3.00; (CW), $12.00.
    #31/32, (LS2-photocopy), $1.00; (SJ-unbound)(DB-unbound, 3 hole punched)(DJ-unbound, 3 hole punched)(AA-small claw marks at top), $3.00;(CW), $12.00.
    #33/34, ST, SW, Man From Atlantis, 98p, (AW)(LS2)(LS2)(SD-unbound)(CM)(US)(AA)(DB-unbound), $3.00; (CW), $12.00.
    #35/36, ST, Klysadel, 94p, (EBS - one-sided photocopy), $1.00; (PH-unbound, 3 hole punched on both edges), $2.00; (PA)(LB)(LB)(KR2)(AB)(SD-unbound)(AA)(F-3 hole punched)(CM)(DB)(GO), $3.00; (CW) $12.00.
    #37, ST, SW, 59p, (EBS - one-sided photocopy)(US-no back cover, stained edge front cover), $1.00; (F)(PA)(KR2)(AB)(SD-unbound)(LS2)(DB-unbound, 3 hole punched)(PH-3 hole punched)(GO)(DB)(GP2-3 hole punched)(AA), $2.00; (CW), $12.00.
    #38, ST, SW, Klysadel, 99p, (SD-unbound)(LS2-3 hole punched)(KR2)(PH-3 hole punched)(F-3 hole punched)(DB)(DB-unbound, 3 hole punched)(DJ-unbound, 3 hole punched)(GO), $2.00; (LB)(PA)(AA), $3.00; (CW), $12.00.
    #39, ST, SW, Klysadel, 121p, (PA-front cover loose)(LS2)(AB)(KR2) (LS2-back over loose)(F-unbound, 3 hole punched)(DB)(DB)(GO)(DJ-3 hole punched, unbound)(AA), $3.00; (EBS), $4.00; (CW), $12.00.
    #40, ST, SW, UNCLE, 109p, (KR2)(PA-missing back cover), $3.00; (F)(DB-unbound)(PH) (GO)(DB)(AA)(DJ-unbound, 3 hole punched), $4.00; (CW), $12.00.
    #41, ST, SW, 92p, (SD)(AB)(LS2)(PA-missing bottom inch of front cover)(F-unbound, 3 hole punched)(DB)(GO)(AA)(DJ-unbound, 3 hole punched), $3.00; (CW), $12.00.
    #42, ST, SW, Klysadel, 101p, (PA)(AB)(LS2)(LS2)(F-3 hole punched)(AA)(PH), $3.00; (CW) $12.00; (RL2), $17.00.
    #43, ST, SW, Klysadel, Prisoner, 97p, (PA)(AB)(LS2)(F-3 hole punched)(DB)(DJ)(SLD)(AA)(PH-erbound, 3 hole punched), $3.00; (CW), $12.00.
    #44, ST, SW, Klysadel, DW, 94p, (GO)(AA), $4.00; (CW), $12.00.
    #45, ST, SW, 88p, (F)(DB)(BH)(AA)(RB-reprint)(GO), $4.00; (CW), $12.00.
    #46, ST, Klysadel, lots of SW, 110p [most had pages 107-112 deleted in order not to offend LucasFilms], (PW)(CM)(BB2)(F-3 hole punched)(DB)(DB)(AT)(PH)(AA-pages intact), $3.00; (CW), $13.00.
    #47, ST, SW, Superman, 96p, (EBS)(LS2)(LS2)(BH), $3.00; (F)(CS)(DB)(AT)(AA), $4.00; (NB) $8.50; (US) $6.00; (CW), $13.00.(DB)
    #48, ST, SW, 93p, (PW)(CM)(RB)(AB)(US)(GO)(PH)(AA), $3.00; (AT)(DB)(DB)(PD)(F-loose cover), $4.00; (CW), $13.00.
    #49, ST, mostly SW, 98p, (AA), $4.00; (CW), $13.00.
    #50, ST, SW, Remington Steele, 98p, (CM)(PH)(AA), $3.00; (F), $4.00; (CW), $13.00.
    #51, ST, mostly SW, 98p, (PH-cover stain), $2.00; (F)(BT)(DB)(PD)(AA), $4.00; (CW) $13.00.
    #52, ST, Ladyhawke, a lot of SW, 98p, (PD), $4.00; (NB), $8.50; (CW) $13.00.
WELCOME, articles from various clubs on actors John Vivyan, Ruth Buzzi, Ed Ames, DeForest Kelly, Fred Phillips, Jimmy Doohan, Nichelle Nichols, actually Part 3 of Spock’s Sentinel (a club yearbook), 30p, (LB)(SM)(KR2)(AA)(SM-unbound 3 hole punched)(AA), $1.00.
WHAT YOU FANCY #2, Dark Shadows, Rem Steele, fantasy, The Master, Back to the Future, DW/Si&Si, 95p, (GS), $5.00.
WYNTER TIDES #4, New Avengers (part 2 of a 2 part story), WKRP/Animal House/Rocky Horror?/Hitchhiker’s Guide/? (part 2 of a 2 part story), vampire/werewolf story, 53p, (US), $2.00.
    #6, New Avengers, sf (Kzin), vampire, 43p, (US), $2.00.
XENOZINE  #2, SW (3), UNCLE (9), Rem Steele, Saph&Steel, BSG, 258p, (MCR), $9.75; (DJ-stained covers, stains in LoC’s), $10.00.
ZETA MINOR: THE DOCTOR & THE ENTERPRISE by J. Airey, ST/DW crossover, 62p, (MCR-photocopy), $6.00.
ZOTLEY’S ZINE, ST, SW, fantasy, sf, 70p, (AB), $3.00; (GS), $3.50.


MEDIAWEST*CON 1994, (LS2), 50¢.
MEDIAWEST*CON 1996, (DJ), 50¢.
MEDIAWEST*CON 1997, (DJ), 50¢.
MEDIAWEST*CON 2003, (DJ-writing top of cover; few notes inside), 50¢.
MEDIAWEST*CON 2011, (LS2-some panels highlighted), 50¢.
SHORE LEAVE 22 (July 2000), (JR), $1.00.


BLUEPRINTING THE SF UNIVERSES Folio Three by Shane Johnson, blueprints for Star Trek/Klingon communicator, Forbidden Planet/Krell Lock pedestal, Lost In Space/Laser Rifle, Star Wars/Darth Vader’s chest panel, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea/Flying Sub, Lost in Space/astrogator, (KR2-still sealed), $20.00.  [a check online has it listed for $24.00-$65.00]

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