Last updated August 3, 2023

THE AGONY COLUMN #3, SeaQuest, Tomorrow People, V, Miami Vice, DS9/STTNG, 95p, $11.00.
ANDROIDZ, about half articles, half stories: STTNG, Transformers, sf, Terminator, 150p, $14.00.
BAD GUYS FINISH FIRST, mostly orig., with STTNG, Dark Shadows, Sesame St., Coyote & Road Runner, 130p, $14.00. 
BELTRANTHOLOGY, stories based on characters Robert Beltran has played other than Star Trek Voyager's Chakotay (El Diablo, Shadow Hunter, Kiss Me A Killer, Rio Shannon), 90p, $10.25.
BILL & DAVE’S NO HOLDS BARRED, short stories, articles, cartoons, inc. ST, SW, Dragnet/MacBeth, SH, 44p, $7.50.
THE CLIPPER TRADE SHIP #31, ST, fantasy, Man From Atlantis, elfls, digest-size, 32p, $1.50.
    #35/36, ST, SW, fantasy, elfls, digest-size, 60p, $3.00.
    #37/38, ST, ST/Blues Bros., fantasy, digest-size, 64p, $3.00.
    #39/40, ST, fantasy, digest-size, 76p, $3.00.
    #41/42, ST, DW, ST/DW, sf, SW/Hill St Blues, digest-size, 60p, $3.00.
    #43, SW, Voyagers!, digest-size, 36p, $1.50.
    #44/45, ST, ST/Spider-Man, fantasy, digest-size, 68p, $3.00.
    #46, ST, DW, elfls, digest-size, 40p, $1.50.
    #47, SW, Quark, Prisoner, digest-size, 40p, $2.00.
    #48, ST, ST/Kung Fu, DW, Prisoner, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #49, SW, ST, sf, Prisoner, SW, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #50, ST, Prisoner, Wiz&War, DW, elfls, digest-size, 60p, $3.00.
    #51, ST/.SW, sf, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #52, ST, DW, sf, Voyage Bottom Sea, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #53, Prisoner, ST/DW, ST, sf, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #54, DW, Wizard, ST, sf, Man From Atlantis/Dallas, elfls, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #55, ST, B7, Prisoner, DW/Conan, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #56, ST, DW, Prisoner, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #57, ST, DW, Oz, Prisoner, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #58, ST, Prisoner, Buck Rogers, STTNG, DW/St. Elsewhere, elfls, digest-size, 60p, $3.00.
    #59, ST, STTNG, Prisoner, DW, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #60, STTNG, BSG, V, Prisoner, ST, DW, Wiz&War, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #61, STTNG, Voyage Bottom Sea, STTNG, DW, B7, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #62, DW, fantasy, STTNG, elfls, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #63, ST, STTNG, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #64, STTNG, Buck Rogers, ST/RGB, DW, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #65, STTNG, Beauty & The Beast, digest -size, 36p, $2.00.
    #66, STTNG, elfls, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #67, STTNG, DW, Votage Bottom Sea, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #68, STTNG, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #69, ST, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #70, ST, STTNG, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #71, ST, STTNG, Alien Nation, Robin of Sherwood, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #72, STTNG, B&B, DW, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #73, ST, B7, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #74, STTNG, sf, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #75, QL/High Chaparral, ST/STTNG, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #76, DW, STTNG, Buck Rogers, B7, ST, digest-sized, 36p, $2.00.
    #77, ST, B7, DW, Red Dwarf, Prisoner, STTNG, digest-sized, 36p, $2.00.
    #78/79, ST, B7, Quark, STTNG, Elfl Tale, digest-sized, 68p, $4.00.
CONFLICTING IMPULSES #2/ARCHAEOLOGY 101 #3, ST, SW, S&S, Indy Jones, 150p, $12.00.
THE COOKIE JAR, ST, Power Rangers, f&sf, articles, 80p, $8.50.
CROSS STREAMS #2, Hawaii 5-0, 12 O'Clock High?, QL, Robin of Sherwood, Simon & Simon, QL/Forever Knight, QL/vampires/Forever Knight/Red Dwarf, reprint, 96p, $9.00.
DEALER’S CHOICE #1, Knight Rider, War of Worlds, STTNG, Simpsons/Brady Bunch, Real Ghostbusters, Kung Fu TLC, Voyage Bottom Sea, 146p, $12.00.
    #2, Real Ghostbusters, Kung Fu TLC, S&H, Forever Knight, B7, 188p, $15.00.
DISTORTED VISIONS -- cartoons, satire, & humor by Jody A. Morse, digest-size, #1, mostly ST with Batman, DW, Elfquest, Enemy Mine, Last Starfighter, 2001, Planet of Apes, Conan, etc., 78p, $6.00.
    #4, ST/Roger Rabbit, Elfquest, ST/Back to Future, ST, DW/Red Dwarf, 82p, $6.00.
    #5, ST, DW/QL, QL, STTNG/Holmes, 78p, $6.00.
FRAK #1, B7, SW, BSG, Reyen, reprint, 62p, $4.75.
    #12, Tomorrow People, V, reprint, 42p, $4.00.
    #14--Tomorrow’s Children by J. Ellicott, B&B/Tomorrow People, reprint, 48p, $4.25.
    #15, Campbells, BSG, multi, reprint, 28p, $2.75.
    #19, Indy Jones, ST, Waltons, reprint, 41p, $4.00.
    #20, The Quest (modern day), DW, High Mtn Rangers, Deryni, reprint, 25p, $2.50.
FRAK: THE NEXT GENERATION #2, STTNG, 21 Jumpstreet, Starman/Mathew Starr, reprint, 39p, $3.75.
GENZINE, ST, B&B, DW, STTNG/B&B, Batman, Buckaroo Banzai, 151p, $10.00.
GUARDIAN #6, ST, SW, Batman, UNCLE, 214p, $10.00.
    #8, ST, SW, STTNG, Magnum P.I., Muncle, 178p, $12.00.
HEROES’ PLIGHT #3, Due South, SeaQuest, A-Team, QL, Rat Patrol, reprint, 105p, $12.00.  [1]
INTEGRITY #1, B7, ST, STTNG, sf, SW, Robocop, Wiz & War, 327p, $21.00.
LEFTOVERS #1, V, UNCLE, War of Worlds/STTNG, 148p, $13.00.  [3]
LIONS & TIGERS & ZINES, OH MY #2*, Real Ghostbusters/Magnum PI, Raven/Highlander, Land of Giants, Buckaroo Banzai, X-Files, Real Ghostbusters, Alf, Airwolf, Gunsmoke, MacGyver, 260p, $18.00. 
    #3, QL/Shadow Chasers, Airwolf, EQ, Land of Giants, Alien Nation, Forever Knt, Magnum PI, UNCLE/VR5, 160p, $12.00. 
    #3.5 - Past Imperfect by Lorraine A. Scherrer, Highlander/EQ crossover, sequel to "A Different Path," 93p, digest-size, $6.00.  [4]
MEDIA HOUND #1, out dated ads, articles, newsletter, digest-size, 46p, $1.00.
MEDTREK 4 convention fanzine, one STTNG, several sf, one Alien, 42p, $3.00.
MEDTREK 4 Program book, David Prowse guest, 46p, $4.00.
MI-ANIME (anime) #4, Ranma 1/2, Gatchaman, Capt. Harlock, 85p, $8.00.
MULTIVERSE  #27, B7/DW, B7/DS, Superman, B7, DS, digest-size reprint, 79p, $6.50.  [3]
'NOIDS 'N' DROIDS #1, ST, SW, sf, 126p, $5.50.
THE OTHER SIDE OF PARADISE #7, ST, SW, 180p, $15.00.
POT-POURRI, Highlander, Buffy/Sentinel, Hercules, Forever Knight, Robin of Sherwood, Lonesome Dove, DW/Highlander, 218p, $20.00.
RANDOM ENCOUNTERS #1, STTNG, Friday 13th, Friday 13th/MacGyver, STTNG/Teenage Mutant Turtles, 46p, $4.50.
    #2, STTNG, Battle of Planets, 41p, $4.50.
RERUN #8, B7, Robin of Sherwood/Shadow Chasers, DW, Beauty & Beast, QL, Married With Children/War of Worlds, ST, STTNG, 150p, $7.00.
    #11, Airwolf/Bionic Woman, DW, Beauty & Beast, Roseanne, Inc. Hulk/Nightstalker, ST, STTNG, The Crying Game, QL, 116p, $7.00.
    #12, Fugitive, DW, STTNG, Hawaii 5-0, MacGyver, MacGyver/QL, QL, 158p, $7.00.
SHERWOOD TUNNELS #5, mostly Beauty & Beast and Robin of Sherwood; 1 B7, 1 Capt. Scarlet, 298p, $26.75.
SUFFERING HEROES, Beauty & Beast, A-Team, Magnum PI, Black Sheep Squadron, The Quest, reprint, 61p, $5.00.  [1]
SWORD #2/MERRY MEN, Robin of Sherwood, Covington Cross/Excalibur, Ladyhawke, Aspects of Love/Other Side of Paradise, Nick Knight/Son of Darkness, Nightflyers/Riders/Robin of Sherwood, Trelawny of the Wells, Son of Darkness, Beauty & Beast/Son of Darkness, 200p, $21.00.
SYNDICATED IMAGES #1/2, ST, SW, Galactica, B7, Alien, Pros, UFO, Stingray, 157p, $24.00.  [2]
SYNDI-ZINE #1, UNCLE, High Chaparral, UNCLE/Prisoner, Voyage Bottom Sea, S&H, Quark, Maverick, Lou Grant, James at 16, M*A*S*H, reprint, 105p, $7.50.
    #2 (Son of Syndi-zine), Rat Patrol, Monty Python, Time After Time, Altered States, Happy Days, S&H, Tenspeed & Brownshoe, Pigs in Space, Quincy, reprint, 174p, $10.00.
SYZYGY #1, ST, sf, B7, Pros, UNCLE, 154p, $7.00.
    #6, Indy Jones, B7, ST, sf, STTNG, 108p, $8.00.
TV CHARIOT #9/10, articles on BSG, Lost in Space, UFO, Land of Giants, SW, Fireball XL5, 36p, 50¢.
WARPED SPACE #37, ST, SW, 59p, $2.75.
    #38, ST, SW, Klysadel, 99p, $4.25.
    #39, ST, SW, Klysadel, 121p, $4.25.
    #41, ST, SW, 92p, $4.25.
    #42, ST, SW, Klysadel, 101p,$4.25.
    #43, ST, SW, Klysadel, Prisoner, 97p, $4.25.
    #45, ST, SW, 88p, $5.00.
    #46, ST, Klysadel, lots of SW, 115p, $6.50.
    #47, ST, SW, Superman, 96p, $6.50.
    #48, ST, SW, 93p, $6.50.
    #50, ST, SW, Remington Steele, 98p, $6.50.
    #51, ST, mostly SW, 98p, $6.50.
    #52, ST, Ladyhawke, a lot of SW, 98p, $7.50.
WHO WAS THAT MASKED MAN Special #1--Agents, contact addresses, TV companies, fan clubs, zine listing (mostly England), reprint, 24p, $2.50.

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