Last updated November 20, 2018

THE AGONY COLUMN #3, SeaQuest, Tomorrow People, V, Miami Vice, DS9/STTNG, 95p, $11.00.
    #4, X-Files, Simon & Simon, SW, Highlander, ST DS9, VR5(?), reprint, 97p, $15.50.
ANDROIDZ, about half articles, half stories: STTNG, Transformers, sf, Terminator, 150p, $14.00.
BAD GUYS FINISH FIRST, mostly orig., with STTNG, Dark Shadows, Sesame St., Coyote & Road Runner, 130p, $14.00. 
BELTRANTHOLOGY, stories based on characters Robert Beltran has played other than Star Trek Voyager's Chakotay (El Diablo, Shadow Hunter, Kiss Me A Killer, Rio Shannon), 90p, $10.25.
BILL & DAVE’S NO HOLDS BARRED, short stories, articles, cartoons, inc. ST, SW, Dragnet/MacBeth, SH, 44p, $7.50.
THE CLIPPER TRADE SHIP #31, ST, fantasy, Man From Atlantis, elfls, digest-size, 32p, $1.50.
    #33/34, ST, DW, fantasy, digest-size, 72p, $3.00.
    #35/36, ST, SW, fantasy, elfls, digest-size, 60p, $3.00.
    #37/38, ST, ST/Blues Bros., fantasy, digest-size, 64p, $3.00.
    #39/40, ST, fantasy, digest-size, 76p, $3.00.
    #41/42, ST, DW, ST/DW, sf, SW/Hill St Blues, digest-size, 60p, $3.00.
    #43, SW, Voyagers!, digest-size, 36p, $1.50.
    #44/45, ST, ST/Spider-Man, fantasy, digest-size, 68p, $3.00.
    #46, ST, DW, elfls, digest-size, 40p, $1.50.
    #47, SW, Quark, Prisoner, digest-size, 40p, $2.00.
    #48, ST, ST/Kung Fu, DW, Prisoner, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #49, SW, ST, sf, Prisoner, SW, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #50, ST, Prisoner, Wiz&War, DW, elfls, digest-size, 60p, $3.00.
    #51, ST/.SW, sf, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #52, ST, DW, sf, Voyage Bottom Sea, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #53, Prisoner, ST/DW, ST, sf, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #54, DW, Wizard, ST, sf, Man From Atlantis/Dallas, elfls, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #55, ST, B7, Prisoner, DW/Conan, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #56, ST, DW, Prisoner, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #57, ST, DW, Oz, Prisoner, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #58, ST, Prisoner, Buck Rogers, STTNG, DW/St. Elsewhere, elfls, digest-size, 60p, $3.00.
    #59, ST, STTNG, Prisoner, DW, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #60, STTNG, BSG, V, Prisoner, ST, DW, Wiz&War, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #61, STTNG, Voyage Bottom Sea, STTNG, DW, B7, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #62, DW, fantasy, STTNG, elfls, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #63, ST, STTNG, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #64, STTNG, Buck Rogers, ST/RGB, DW, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #65, STTNG, Beauty & The Beast, digest -size, 36p, $2.00.
    #66, STTNG, elfls, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #67, STTNG, DW, Votage Bottom Sea, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #68, STTNG, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #71, ST, STTNG, Alien Nation, Robin of Sherwood, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #72, STTNG, B&B, DW, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #73, ST, B7, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #74, STTNG, sf, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #75, QL/High Chaparral, ST/STTNG, digest-size, 36p, $2.00.
    #76, DW, STTNG, Buck Rogers, B7, ST, digest-sized, 36p, $2.00.
    #77, ST, B7, DW, Red Dwarf, Prisoner, STTNG, digest-sized, 36p, $2.00.
    #78/79, ST, B7, Quark, STTNG, Elfl Tale, digest-sized, 68p, $4.00.
CONFLICTING IMPULSES #2/ARCHAEOLOGY 101 #3, ST, SW, S&S, Indy Jones, 150p, $12.00.
THE COOKIE JAR, ST, Power Rangers, f&sf, articles, 80p, $8.50.
CROSS STREAMS #2, Hawaii 5-0, 12 O'Clock High?, QL, Robin of Sherwood, Simon & Simon, QL/Forever Knight, QL/vampires/Forever Knight/Red Dwarf, reprint, 96p, $10.00.
DEALER’S CHOICE #1, Knight Rider, War of Worlds, STTNG, Simpsons/Brady Bunch, Real Ghostbusters, Kung Fu TLC, Voyage Bottom Sea, 146p, $12.00.
    #2, Real Ghostbusters, Kung Fu TLC, S&H, Forever Knight, B7, 188p, $15.00.
DISTORTED VISIONS -- cartoons, satire, & humor by Jody A. Morse, digest-size, #1, mostly ST with Batman, DW, Elfquest, Enemy Mine, Last Starfighter, 2001, Planet of Apes, Conan, etc., 78p, $6.00.
    #4, ST/Roger Rabbit, Elfquest, ST/Back to Future, ST, DW/Red Dwarf, 82p, $6.00.
    #5, ST, DW/QL, QL, STTNG/Holmes, 78p, $6.00.
FRAK #1, B7, SW, BSG, Reyen, reprint, 62p, $4.75.
    #12, Tomorrow People, V, reprint, 42p, $4.00.
    #14--Tomorrow’s Children by J. Ellicott, B&B/Tomorrow People, reprint, 48p, $4.25.
    #15, Campbells, BSG, multi, reprint, 28p, $2.75.
    #19, Indy Jones, ST, Waltons, reprint, 41p, $4.00.
    #20, The Quest (modern day), DW, High Mtn Rangers, Deryni, reprint, 25p, $2.50.
FRAK: THE NEXT GENERATION #2, STTNG, 21 Jumpstreet, Starman/Mathew Starr, reprint, 39p, $3.75.
GENZINE, ST, B&B, DW, STTNG/B&B, Batman, Buckaroo Banzai, 151p, $10.00.
GUARDIAN #6, ST, SW, Batman, UNCLE, 214p, $10.00.
    #8, ST, SW, STTNG, Magnum P.I., Muncle, 178p, $12.00.
HEROES’ PLIGHT #3, Due South, SeaQuest, A-Team, QL, Rat Patrol, reprint, 105p, $12.00.
INTEGRITY #1, B7, ST, STTNG, sf, SW, Robocop, Wiz & War, 327p, $21.00.
LEFTOVERS #1, V, UNCLE, War of Worlds/STTNG, 148p, $14.50.
LIONS & TIGERS & ZINES, OH MY #2, Real Ghostbusters/Magnum PI, Raven/Highlander, Land of Giants, Buckaroo Banzai, X-Files, Real Ghostbusters, Alf, Airwolf, Gunsmoke, MacGyver, 260p, $18.00.
    #3, QL/Shadow Chasers, Airwolf, EQ, Land of Giants, Alien Nation, Forever Knt, Magnum PI, UNCLE/VR5, 160p, $12.00.  [4]
    #3.5 - Past Imperfect by Lorraine A. Scherrer, Highlander/EQ crossover, sequel to "A Different Path," 93p, digest-size, $6.00.
    #4, ALF/X-F, S&H, RGB/Batman, EQ/Highlander, Fantastic Journey, Jake & Fatman, RGB, Shadow/Batman Forever, $16.00.
MASK: TALES FROM THE UNDERGROUND #1, Beauty & Beast, Phantom of Opera, 157p, $18.00.
MEDIA HOUND #1, out dated ads, articles, newsletter, digest-size, 46p, $1.00.
MEDTREK 4 convention fanzine, STTNG, sf, Alien, 48p, $4.00.
MEDTREK 4 Program book, David Prowse guest, 46p, $4.00.
MI-ANIME (anime) 1.0, Robotech, ? (I don’t know anime), 100p, $7.00.
    #2, ?, 45p, $5.50.
    #4, Ranma 1/2, Gatchaman, Capt. Harlock, 85p, $8.00.
MULTIVERSE  #27, B7/DW, B7/DS, Superman, B7, DS, digest-size reprint, 79p, $6.50.  [3]
'NOIDS 'N' DROIDS #1, ST, SW, sf, 126p, $5.50.
THE OTHER SIDE OF PARADISE #7, ST, SW, 180p, $15.00.
POT-POURRI, Highlander, Buffy/Sentinel, Hercules, Forever Knight, Robin of Sherwood, Lonesome Dove, DW/Highlander, 218p, $20.00.
RANDOM ENCOUNTERS #1, STTNG, Friday 13th, Friday 13th/MacGyver, STTNG/Teenage Mutant Turtles, 46p, $4.50.
    #2, STTNG, Battle of Planets, 41p, $4.50.
REMOTE CONTROL #3, Rat Patrol, SW, Indy Jones, Young Riders, WoW, Buck Rogers, UNCLE, RGB, Magnum PI, Batman, Pros, H-5O, WWW, 213p, $23.00.
RERUN #8, B7, Robin of Sherwood/Shadow Chasers, DW, Beauty & Beast, QL, Married With Children/War of Worlds, ST, STTNG, 150p, $7.00.
    #11, Airwolf/Bionic Woman, DW, Beauty & Beast, Roseanne, Inc. Hulk/Nightstalker, ST, STTNG, The Crying Game, QL, 116p, $7.00.
    #12, Fugitive, DW, STTNG, Hawaii 5-0, MacGyver, MacGyver/QL, QL, 158p, $7.00.
SHERWOOD TUNNELS #5, mostly Beauty & Beast and Robin of Sherwood; 1 B7, 1 Capt. Scarlet, 298p, $26.75.
SONIC SCREWDRIVER #3, B7, DW, UFO, Robin of Sherwood, 112p, $16.00.
    #5, DW, Robin of Sherwood, B7, 172p, $16.00.
    #6, DW, Robin of Sherwood, B7, 102p, $16.00.
SUFFERING HEROES, Beauty & Beast, A-Team, Magnum PI, Black Sheep Squadron, The Quest, reprint, 61p, $7.00.
SWORD #2/MERRY MEN, Robin of Sherwood, Covington Cross/Excalibur, Ladyhawke, Aspects of Love/Other Side of Paradise, Nick Knight/Son of Darkness, Nightflyers/Riders/Robin of Sherwood, Trelawny of the Wells, Son of Darkness, Beauty & Beast/Son of Darkness, 200p, $21.00.
SYNDICATED IMAGES #1/2, ST, SW, Galactica, B7, Alien, Pros, UFO, Stingray, 157p, $24.00.
SYNDI-ZINE #1, UNCLE, High Chaparral, UNCLE/Prisoner, Voyage Bottom Sea, S&H, Quark, Maverick, Lou Grant, James at 16, M*A*S*H, reprint, 105p,$7.50.
    #2 (Son of Syndi-zine), Rat Patrol, Monty Python, Time After Time, Altered States, Happy Days, S&H, Tenspeed & Brownshoe, Pigs in Space, Quincy, reprint, 174p, $10.00.
SYZYGY #1, ST, sf, B7, Pros, UNCLE, 154p, $7.00.
    #6, Indy Jones, B7, ST, sf, STTNG, 108p, $8.00.
SYNDICATED IMAGES #1/2, ST, SW, BSG, Alien, B7, Pros, UFO, Stingray, updated reprint, import, 157p, $29.00.
TV CHARIOT #9/10, articles on BSG, Lost in Space, UFO, Land of Giants, SW, Fireball XL5, 36p, 50¢.
URBAN LEGENDS -- Live from Fanfiction.net... The "Urban Legends" multimedia cartoon/sci-fi crossover universe fanzine, by Vathara and Evil Overlady! Thirteen connected stories of Godzilla: the Series, Gargoyles, the Real Ghostbusters, and Seven Days! Find out what's really "Posted on the Monitor" at H.E.A.T. Headquarters. Tremble in "Night of the Tentacle"! See Demona, Cameron Winters, and everyone's favorite evil geneticist Anton Sevarius get theirs in "Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong"! Includes a sheet of stickers from "Stuck on the Bumper", such as: "Proud parent of an 18-story mutation", "W.W.M.D. What Would Monique Do?" and "Keep honking - I'm calling my monster". Gen zine; most stories PG-13, a few R for suggested violence and spellcasting. 182 p., coil-bound, lots of illustrations, $23.00.  (see also WELCOME TO EARTH!)
WARPED SPACE #37, ST, SW, 59p, $2.75.
    #38, ST, SW, Klysadel, 99p, $4.25.
    #39, ST, SW, Klysadel, 121p, $4.25.
    #41, ST, SW, 92p, $4.25.
    #42, ST, SW, Klysadel, 101p,$4.25.
    #43, ST, SW, Klysadel, Prisoner, 97p, $4.25.
    #45, ST, SW, 88p, $5.00.
    #46, ST, Klysadel, lots of SW, 115p, $6.50.
    #47, ST, SW, Superman, 96p, $6.50.
    #48, ST, SW, 93p, $6.50.
    #50, ST, SW, Remington Steele, 98p, $6.50.
    #51, ST, mostly SW, 98p, $6.50.
    #52, ST, Ladyhawke, a lot of SW, 98p, $7.50.
WELCOME TO EARTH!, What really happens in the wake of an alien invasion? The Hivemind invaded Earth - and met a swarm of unorthodox defenders. Read the consequences in "Welcome To Earth!" A multimedia sci-fi/cartoon crossover universe fanzine, by Vathara! Thirteen interconnected stories of Airwolf, Godzilla: the Series, Gargoyles, and Stargate: SG-1! Companion to "Urban Legends". Gen zine; most stories PG-13, a few R for suggested violence and spellcasting.  160 p., coil-bound, lots of illustrations, $21.00.
WHOEVER RULES ROME by Kate L. Nickell, Xena/Buffy/Sailor Moon crossover, digest-size, 79p, $7.00.
WHO WAS THAT MASKED MAN Special #1--Agents, contact addresses, TV companies, fan clubs, zine listing (mostly England), reprint, 24p, $2.50.

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