Last updated August 3, 2023
FILE 40, reprint, 108p, $10.00.
THE PALADIN’S AFFAIR #1, reprint, 205p, $15.00.
    #2, reprint, 123p, $15.00.
THE WOLFPACK AFFAIR by Faddis & Lindner, UNCLE/Airwolf cross, reprint, 195p, $15.00.

    letters in parentheses indicate who we are selling for
11 & 2 #1, 113p, (BK), $6.00.
    #2, 108p, (BK), $6.00.
    Christmas Special 1987, 123p, (BK), $6.00.
THE FINAL AFFAIR by David McDaniel, photocopy of manuscript for unpublished final Ace paperback, 103p, (KM2), $5.00.

BLANK BOOK, fan-made, comb-bound, U.N.C.L.E. logo on cover, about 50 sheets of goldenrod blank paper inside, (LF), $5.00.
THE COIN OF EL DIABLO AFFAIR, children’s UNCLE oversized book, (US-water damaged on bottom)(LS2-some wear), $3.00; better copy, (US), $5.00.
COMIC BOOKS -- see TV Comics listing under comic books, please!  
FILES MAGAZINE (most about 50 pg):
    The Affair Continues, (SW)(Stan)(DR), $3.00.
    Deadly Games, (DR), $3.00.
    The Deadly Quest, (SW)(Stan)(DR), $3.00.
    The Man From THRUSH, (SW)(SW)(Stan)(DR), $3.00.
    The Mission Begins Part 1, (Stn), $3.00.
    Pieces of Fate, (MB)(SB3)(SW)(SW)(DR), $3.00.
    Take Me To Your Leader, (DR), $3.00.
    The Third Year, (SD2)(SW)(Stan)(DR), $3.00.
    UNCLE Off-Broadway, (MCR)(SW)(DR), $3.00.
    The Girll From U.N.C.L.E. Part 2, (Stan)(Stan), $3.00.
THE FINAL AFFAIR by David McDaniel, photocopy of unpublished last Ace novel, (KM2), $5.00.
THE GIRL FROM U.N.C.L.E. MAGAZINE (digest-size), December 1966 (#1), (SW-cover fold), $6.00.
    December 1966 (#1), (SW-slight wear front cover, back cover wear, missing small corner last few pages & back cover), $5.00.
    February 1967, (SW-slight wear), $10.00.
    February 1967, (SW-slight wear; 'A' penciled on cover), $10.00.
    February 1967, (SW-front cover  corner fold, 2 inch rip back cover near lower  spinne, corner folds), $5.00.
    August 1967, (SW-small corner fold, slight wear), $10.00
THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.by Jon Heitland, softcover nonfiction book, St. Martin's Press, (SW), $12.00.
THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. 1967? ANNUAL (red cover), (SW), $12.00.
THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. MAGAZINE (digest-size),
    March 1966, (JT2-chips out of covers edges, small corners gone), $4.00.
    March 1966, (SW-fair, covers worn, front cover corner folds & small piece out of corner; back cover drawn on, $2.00.
    April 1966, (SW-cover wear), $6.00.
    April 1966, (SW-very good, small corner folds cover, corner fold back cover), $5.00.
    April 1966, (MH-fair, corner tips gone, smakk piece out of lower left corner, wear, light staining), $1.00.
    June 1966, (SW-very good, slight rip & ding center of spine), $6.00.
    June 1966, (MH-light staining, slight wear, cover crease, slight spine stress, small tears bottom of cover), $5.00.
    July 1966, (SD2-very good, writing on cover), $5.00.
    July 1966, (MH-very good, a few small dents), $5.00.
    August 1966, (SW), $10.00.
    August 1966, (SW-small ink 'A' in corner of cover; back cover corner folds), $10.00.
    August 1966, (SW-slight wear, tiny corner missing both front && back  cover), $6.00.
    August 1966, (MH-very good-, corner folds, inch tear top of spine), $4.00.
    September 1966, (MH-very good, slight staining), $6.00.
    October 1966, (ET-some wear), $10.00.
    October 1966, (SW-good, cover folds, inch tear top near spine),$5.00.
    November 1966, (SW-back cover corner fold), $10.00.
    November 1966, (MH-very good, small corner fold), $6.00.
    November 1966, (SW-very good, name written top of cover), $5.00.
    December 1966, (SW), $10.00.
    December 1966, (ET-fair, wear, cover folds), $5.00;
    December 1966, (SB3-taped top & bottom of spine), $6.00.
    December 1966, (SW-slight wear, slight spine damage), $8.00.
    December 1966, (SW-slight wear, 'A' written on cover near spine), $10.00.
    December 1966, (SW-very good, writing top of cover)(US-very good, small grease pencil date, cover corner fold), $5.00.
    January 1967, (MH-light cover staining, tip of cprner gone, back cover fold, $5.00.
    January 1967, (SD2-inch tear edge of cover, stcker on cover, cover folds), $2.00.
    June 1967, (MH-very good, corner tip gone, back cover corner tip gone plus small edge tear), $5.00.
    June 1967, GMS-fair, corner folds, back cover folds with small edge tears), $2.00.
    November, 1967, (SW), $10.00.
    November 1967, (MH-very good, corner fold, slight spine scrape, slight cover wrinkling), $4.00.  [may be gone]
    November, 1967, (GP2-very good, slight edge rips, corner fold), $5.00.
    November 1967, (MH-very good, cover wrinkling, inch plus tear top of spine), $4.00.  [may be gone]

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