Last updated April 1, 2017

KNIGHT’S PAST, 129p, $12.00.
LEAP INTO KNIGHT by Hall & Wisdom, crossed with Quantum Leap, digest-sized, 74p, $10.00.

    letters in parentheses are who we are selling them for
AMANTES DE LA NOCHE #2, net fiction collection, 181p, (LG), $14.00.
FALSE HEART by Susan M. Garrett, 118p, (CH4)(SD3), $6.00.
FOREVER KNIGHT CONCORDANCE Season One, 156p, (SW-in a binder), $8.00.
FOREVER NET #2, 278p, (CF), $14.00.
    #3, 186p, (CM2), $9.00.
    #4, 204p, (GH4)(CF), $10.00.
    #5, 192p, (CF), $10.00.
KIND SOUL by Susan M. Garrett, 194p, (CH4), $10.00.
KNIGHT’S PAST, 129p, (EC), $6.00.
KNIGHT TIME #1, 144p, (KB)(US), $8.00.
LIZARDS IN THE GRASS by K. Miller, 145p, (EC), $7.00;(LL), $10.00.
OLD HATES, NEW HOPE by Denyse M. Bridger, 89p, (EC), $5.00.
ON THE WINGS OF THE KNIGHT #2, 220p, (SW)(EC), $11.00; (LS2), $14.00; (SW), $16.00.
THE SERPENT’S KISS by Marg Baskin, earlier version was on the internet, 99p, (EC), $5.00; (KB), $6.00 .
TALES FROM THE RAVEN #1, 139p, (KB), $8.00.

FOREVER KNIGHT - A REFERENCE GUIDE by Gwenn Musicante, non-fiction interviews, episode guide, etc., signed by author, 209p, (TE), $10.00.
GERAINT WYN DAVIS FAN CLUB Booklet, bio, credits, copies of newspaper aticles, etc., about 55 single-sided pages, (TE), $3.00.

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