Last updated: August 3, 2023
This will eventually be moved to Single media

DARK SHADOWS VIDEO REVIEWS by D. Hofstede, nonfiction guide to released videos, 112p, $14.00.  [1?]
SHADOW TREK by JM Lane, one Star Trek/Dark Shadows crossover, one Dark Shadows, 100p, $8.00.  [3]

THE DARK SHADOWS COMPANION - 25th Anniversary Collection edited by Kathryn Leigh Scott, (MB), $15.00.
DARK SHADOWS STORY DIGEST MAGAZINE #1: The Interrupted Voyage by D. J. Arneson, odd short story with illustrations published by a comic book company (not a comic book), (US-fair condition), $1.00.
MY SCRAPBOOK MEMORIES OF DARK SHADOWS by Kathryn Leigh Scott, Pomegranite Press, (LLF-small cover corner fold), $10.00.
THE NIGHT WHISPERS, Big Finish audio drama cd with Jonathan Frid, (LS2), $17.00.

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