Last updated March 10, 2022

      Yes, we have comic books for sale.  We have them divided into two categories, those that are priced at only 50¢ each; and the more 'expensive' ones (mostly priced below Overstreet's 2006 Price Guide) priced at $1.00 and up.  We used to have TV/Movie comics listed separately, but now they are at the end of each listing.  Adult comics (blush) are at the end of the TV/movie 'expensive' comics.

    These lists can never be completely up to date.  We live in an area that has the highest concentration of comic book conventions in the nation within 300 miles -- probably more than 60 a normal year.  Although we sell at less than a dozen of them each year, we cannot keep track at what what sells during a convention; we have to do a total inventory once or twice a year to update the lists.  And we are constantly adding to the inventory.
    Is it really worth it to catalog comic books?  Less than 1% of our comic book sales come from internet orders these days, and a lot of work goes into making and maintaining the lists.  Can you make it slightly more than 1%?
    Prices, of course, don't include postage.

CHEAP 50¢ COMICS (including TV/Movie)

'EXPENSIVE' COMICS (including TV/movie and adult)

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