last updated Marchj 31, 2017 (additions since October 2016, but not deletions)
2017: We have conventions in April, June, & August to start with

    Yes, we have comic books for sale.  We have them divided into two categories, those that are priced at only 50¢ each; and the more 'expensive' ones (priced below Overstreet's 2006 Price Guide) priced at $1.00 and up.  We used to have TV/Movie comics listed separately, but now they are at the end of each listing.
    Is it really worth it to catalog comic books?  Less than 1% of our comic book sales come from internet orders these days, and a lot of work goes into making and maintaining the lists.
    Prices, of course, don't include postage.

CHEAP 50¢ COMICS (including TV/Movie)

'EXPENSIVE' COMICS (including TV/movie)

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