There are two parts to this section.  The first is our personal collection, the second is a sales list of scripts we are selling for people.

    1) Among the many things we collect are scripts (& script photocopies) to many different TV series (no, NOT everything!) and some movies, and we trade script photocopies for photocopies of what we're looking for with other collectors.  For example, we collect scripts from BONANZA.  We've got about 100 scripts/script copies in the collection, and are looking to get photocopies (&/or originals) of the other approximately 340 BONANZA scripts, and can trade photocopies of what BONANZA scripts we have, or photocopies of anything else in the collection -- BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, M*A*S*H, XENA, whatever.
     We are only collectors of scripts in hardcopy form.  Even if we wanted to, we can't really make PDF copies of scripts -- we have neither the time nor the technology.
     This list will give you a rough idea of what's in our collection.  If you think you might have something we'd be interested in trading photocopies for, let us know!  Just e-mail us.
    NOTE!  Due to our move in 2018, we're going to have to downsize our personal script collection.  We haven't decided what will go yet, but we'll be starting with series & movies that are lower priority to us.  See our personal collection list to see if anything's marked for downsizing.

    2) We have 30+ boxes of scripts and script photocopies for sale that we're selling for other people.  Prices don't include postage.  Some are priced what we'd consider high, but every now & then we hope to list some of them on Ebay where they may sell for less.  We are not set up to notify anyone when a certain script goes up there!  
    We do take scripts on consignment.  See our consignment policy .

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