Last updated November 20, 2018
GULLIVER by E. Brunson, 97p, $14.50.

    letters in parentheses indicate who we are selling for
APRIL FOOLS by E. A. Week, crossed with Xena, 2 volume set, 442p, (CF-cover to part one crumpled, almost ripped off, first several pages lightly stained), $15.00.
BAYOU by TM Alexander, 171p, (CF), $9.00.
THE ELLISON/SANBURG FILE by D.L. Witherspoon, crossed with Sentinel, 137p, (PD), $7.00; (US), $8.00. [also listed under Sentinel]
GULLIVER by Emily Brunson, 98p, (CF)(SM5), $5.00.
INCIDENT UXP #1, stories & articles, 72p, (DEB)(SG2), $4.00.
    #2, stories & articles, 73p, (DEB)(SG2), $4.00.
PARADIGM SHIFT by Linda Stoops & Andrea Brown, crossed with Forever Knight, digest-size, 2-4p, (SW), $8.00.
PROPERTY OF THE FBI #1, 128p, (JE), $6.00; (KF3), $7.00; (SW), $8.00.
    #3, 131p, (LY), $10.00.
    #4, 131p, (SW), $10.00.
    #5, 134p, (SW), $10.00.
THE ROAD UNTRAVELED/THE MOLE (Deuce Double #1) by Eileen Roy, The Road Untraveled crossed with QL, digest-size, 53p, (US)(F), $3.00.
SANCTUARY by Cheryl Cohen & Annie Reed, 89p, (MCR), $7.00.
SHADOWS by Linda Mooney, digest-size, 71p, (ST), $3.00.
SPIRIT OF FRIENDSHIP by Barbara Nice-Miller & Jason Cleaver, 111p, (CF), $6.00.
TO THE FULLEST X-TENT #2, 90p, (RM2), $5.00.
TRAVELS WITH MULDER, 65p, (CF), $3.50.
THE X-FILES: SECOND SEASON EPISODE GUIDE, Official X-File Fan Club publication; no fiction; includes articles on UFOs in addition to episode guide, (SP), $3.00.
X-PHILES #0, episode guide 1st season only, no fiction, 6p, (CF), 25¢.
X-POSED, 80p, (CF), $4.00.
X-SMILES #1, 37p, (CF), $2.00.
    #2, 66p, (CF), $4.00.

    ‘Evidence Bag’ from The X-Files Expo Chicago 1998: contains program, flyers, etc., (T), $3.00.
    The X-Files Expo San Francisco 1998 program, (SW), $1.00.
    The X-Files Fan Club Kit, includes short videotape, lithographs, (SW), $6.00.

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