This is CATHERINE SIEBERT'S list of fanzines & other things for sale.  Catherine has internet access about three times a week, so please be patient..

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Catherine Siebert
4444 Parks Av. #12
La Mesa CA 91941-6173
e-mail: slammadd@yahoo.com

NOTE: closed temporarily 
August 24, 2016 -- Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have had to put all the fanzines I am selling into storage that I won't have easy access to.  I am hoping to get things straightened out sometime in 2025.  Watch this space!

Thanks to all for your support!

TERMS: Fanzines for sale.  Prices do not include shipping.  Once you let me know what you want & your address I'll be able to pull what I can and come up with a shipping cost and a total.  Payment can be by check, money order, or you can pay with credit card to Jim & Melody through PayPal (see their ordering information when you have a total from me).
    To order adult fanzines you must be 18 years or older -- AGE STATEMENT REQUIRED.
    When ordering used fanzines, please include the initials of the person I’m selling them for [for example, (JM)] when listed.

AU, a/u                    alternate universe
AW                         Airwolf
AS&J                      Alias Smith & Jones
AN                          AlienNation
AlienN                    AlienNation
ANation                  AlienNation
BAB5, B5               Babylon 5   
BG, BSG                Battlestar Galactica   
B&B                       Beauty & the Beast   
BV                          The Big Valley       
Blk Sheep Squad    Black Sheep Squadron   
Black Sheep           Black Sheep Squadron   
B7                          Blake's 7
Buffy                      Buffy the Vampire Killer
CE3K, Close Encounters   Close Encounters of the Third Kind
CS                           Counterstrike
DS                          Dark Shadows
Demp&Make         Dempsey & Makepeace
Dr. Quinn               Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
DW                        Doctor Who
DSo, DS                 Due South
ESB                        The Empire Strikes Back
EQ                          Equalizer
FK                          Forever Knight
BG'80, G'80           Galactica 1980
GG                         Garrison's Gorillas
GAH                      Greatest American Hero
H&Mc                    Hardcastle & McCormick
H5-0                       Hawaii 5-0
Brides                     Here Come the Brides
HSB                       Hill Street Blues
Hitchhikers             Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
HH, Hornblower    Horatio Hornblower
HK                         Houston Knights
Hulk, Inc. Hulk      Incredible Hulk
Indy, Indy Jones     Indiana Jones
Bond                      James Bond
KR                         Knight Rider
Kolchak                 Kolchak: The Night Stalker
KF                         Kung Fu
KF:TLC                 Kung Fu: the Legend Continues
LW                        Lethal Weapon
Little House           Little House on the Prairie
McQuade               Lone Wolf McQuade
Mac, MacG            MacGyver
Mag7                      The Magnificent Seven
MPI                        Magnum, P.I.
MV                         Miami Vice
Phantom, Menace, SW:TPM    The Phantom Menace
Pirates                     Pirates of the Caribbean
PR, Pros                  The Professionals
QL                          Quantum Leap
Raiders, RLA          Raiders of the Lost Ark
RP                           Rat Patrol
RGB                       Real Ghostbusters
Jedi, ROTJ              The Return of the Jedi
RT                          Riptide
RoS                        Robin of Sherwood
Questor                  Questor Tapes
Saph&Steel            Saphire & Steel
S&MrsK                 Scarecrow & Mrs. King
sf                             science fiction
SeaQ                      SeaQuest DSV
SC, SCh                 Shadowchasers
SH, Holmes            Sherlock Holmes
S&S, Si&Si            Simon & Simon
SOF                       Soldier of Fortune, Inc.
SOF2, Special Ops    Soldier of Fortune: Special Ops Force
SOF:DF, Delta Force   Soldier of Fortune: Delta Force
Space A&B; S:A&B    Space: Above & Beyond
Sp99                      Space: 1999
SG1, SG-1, Stargate   Stargate SG-1
S&H                      Starsky & Hutch
ST                          Star Trek
STNG, ST:TNG    Star Trek the Next Generation
DS9                       Star Trek DS9
ST:Voy                  Star Trek Voyager
E, ST:E                  Star Trek Enterprise
SW                        Star Wars
ANH, SW:ANH   Star Wars: A New Hope
St of SF                 Streets of San Francisco
TNMT, Ninja Turtles    Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles
TJH, Hooker         TJ Hooker
3 Musk                 The Three Musketeers
TOD                     Tour of Duty
21 Jump                21 Jump Street
TP                         Twin Peaks
Voyage BofS        Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
WTR, Walker:TX Walker, Texas Ranger
WoW                   War of the Worlds
WWW                  The Wild Wild West
WG                      Wiseguy
W&W, Wiz&WarWizards & Warriors
Yellow Rose         Yellow Rose of Texas
YG                        Young Guns
YR                        Young Riders
XF, X-F                The X-Files

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