last updated November 20, 2018
After 37+ years living in San Jose, we've now almost at the one year mark in our new, smaller location in Modesto, CA.  We have had to get two storage lockers for most of what we're selling for friends & ourselves.  The goal is to sell enough to eliminate one of the lockers, but that should take nearly forever

Storage lockers aren't fun.  They're costly, cramped, and not air conditioned or heated (not in this city, they're not!).  We have accelerated our selling fanzines & some other things on Ebay, but it is time consuming, only about 20% of what we list sells, and we have to raise the price of fanzines a dollar or two to offset all their fees (& still lose money).

The tide has turned.  We are no longer taking in ten times more than is going out, and even incoming fanzine collections have dwindled to a trickle.  On the other hand, with less living space, we're downsizing our own collections -- time to let someone else enjoy this zine or that book.  The biggest drawback of where we now are is that we can't have yard sales in our little gated community, and we're still supposed to be helping some fans get rid of non-fannish stuff.  At the moment we're helping a fan who is being forced to move from a two bedroom house that is too small for all of her books, etc. to a one bedroom apartment hundreds of miles away.  It is a struggle for her to let go of anything.  (And it doesn't help that it's a two hour drive to her place.)

So no rest for us.  Maybe next year?


--Jim & Melody

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    Over the years a number of people we've sold for have moved without leaving us a forwarding address.  Any clue where these people live now?  Thank you, all of you who helped with a few names!

    NAME                         LAST KNOWN CITY

Matt Adamson                  Palm Springs

Beth Allinger                    Alameda

Constance Avino              Forest Park

Laura G. Cluney               San Jose

Eli Crespo                         San Jose

Joy Davis                          Springfield

Melissa Earle                    San Leandro

Laura Guyer                     Littleton

Nancy E. Hildebrand       Arvada

Melva Gifford                   Provo

Michael Hill                     Carson City

Brenda Howell                 Martinez

Diane Keating                  Sunnyvale

Sheila Knight                   San Francisco

Roxanna Lake                  Los Alamitos

Lynn Levine                     Watertown

Tamara Pickenpaugh        Cuyahoga Falls

Deb Price                         Westlake

Tim Purdue                       Humbolt

Shari Ramseur                  San Carlos

Kathy Retz                       SeaTac

Diane Rittenhouse            Eugene

Marie Robinson                San Jose

Dawn Schloesser              Neconset

Cheryl Serr                       San Antonio

Linda Stein                       San Carlos

Holly Wright                    Eugene