Welcome to Crossovers.net!

We are a household of fen (various flavors in various combinations) and have decided to band together to form our own domain; to stake our claim on the Internet, and to boldly go where a whole lot of people have gone before.

Technical info:  Your are viewing this page off of a Pentium 133 running RedHat 7.0 connected via ADSL courtesy PacBell Internet. (Whew!)

Members of the household are:
Name Email Web Site
Alex Borders redrob@crossovers.net http://www.crossovers.net/redrob/
Seanan McGuire delirium@crossovers.net http://www.crossovers.net/underhill/
Steve Wade entropy@crossovers.net
Pets Page zookeeper@crossovers.net http://www.crossovers.net/pets/
Sales Page sales@crossovers.net http://www.crossovers.net/sales/

Sorry we don't have more here, but keep checking back and we'll update this page as stuff happens.

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Check out our sales page for lots of book, comic, and video bargins.
We are hosting Jim and Melody Rondeau's 'Make It Go Away' on-line garage sale. If you're looking to buy cool stuff, check them out too.
Check out our 'Seti@home' group (called 'Crossovers' - we aren't very imaginative). So far, Alex is the only one up and running with it, but as we get more of the computers in the house back on-line, we'll be doing better.

We'd like to thank Xocolatl as the spiritual ancestor of this site, as well as many years of email hosting for a couple of us. Thanks, guys.

Last updated 11/24/01
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